Tips & Tricks Share


I figured it would be good to share any tips and tricks for Hermod.

[edit: the latest OS adds functionality within Settings > Clock to do this properly]

I’ll kick things off… want an adjustable tempo / clock divider? Need a gate to go high when Hermod is running and low when it’s not (eg; for sequencers like Metropolis or Tempi?)… read on.

Create a Modulation track. Add a Gate that runs the length of the pattern. Unfortunately, the Gate always momentarily goes low when the sequence loops which will mess with your sequencer, here’s how to fix that. Add an Arpeggiator effect and set the Gate within the effect to 100. Now when you start Hermod the Gate goes High and when you stop the Gate goes Low.

To add a clock to the track simply add a LFO effect, set it to Square and sync’d. You can get up to 16PPQN resolution with this when it’s set to 1/64. You can then also use the Mod Matrix / manually control the LFO to divide that down (or up).


What tips you got?


I smooth out certain Modulation tracks by using the Glide midi effect.
For example, if you record a slow LFO sine wave, you’ll notice “stepping” on the output, which I think is due to the midi resolution.

A Glide midi effect using the default parameter settings “smooths” the output.


May be some guys know, how i can do microtonal sequences? It possible? Because Hermod link with scales and notes.


I’m thinking the only way to do this would be by using a modulation track - note values are CV after all. So I would add your gates where you want the notes to be, then set CV values to taste. It’s a little fiddly, but it will work especially once you remember what values sound best.


you could use pitch bending but it wouldn’t be exact.


I think the CV modulation is still quantised to 12 tones