Tip: “humanised” timing

You might have been looking for a “humanise” effect over in the effects department, but found none.
I just found that you can achieve something similar using Algo. Similar, in the sense that you can achieve random uTimes, but they will be imprinted in your notes, unlike a midi effect.
Anyways, the deal is: Algo / Curves / wave = random / destination = uTime. Set amplitude to your random needs.

(To judge from the curve display, the Rate does not do anything, when curve is random.)


There is a Human parameter to the Swing effect that will allow you to

Slightly randomize the position of swung notes (humanizer).

Is that the outcome you want?

Nope. It will only randomise the uTime of the the swung notes.
I am talking about randomising (to a chosen extent) the uTime of all (or selected) notes in a pattern. Which you can do with the Algo.

Right, but with favourable sync and time elasticity settings, do you think one would be able to effect pretty much all notes with Swing and Human except say the first note of every bar?

I’m not quite sure how to interpret the description of Sync: “Swing quantisation grid”
I’m also not sure if “Slightly randomize the position of swung notes” refers to notes that are actually swung, or notes that would be swung if “Groove” was not 50% :slight_smile:

Like you hint at, “imprinting the random timing into the notes” (via algo) might not get you all the way to a “humanised” feel. :thinking: