Timing Issues With Live Mode - Notes Default to Final 16th Note

Hi all, I recently posted a thread and deleted its contents as I thought I had fixed the issue, but the problem persists. I had a MK1 three years ago and now a MK2 and have been scratching my head each time with this problem.

My problem is in Live mode: When I’m playing live on the pads, I find it almost impossible to hit the first beat of a particular bar - the note almost always ends up on the final 16th note division of the previous bar.

So, if I want to do a chord change on bar 3, beat 1, I’ll play the note and when it plays back it will be on bar 2, beat 4 (last 16th note division). I have no idea why this is occurring, and I thought it was just my poor playing - but I change the quantize settings/turn it off, reduce the tempo to 80 BPM and still find it behaving this way. Surely my timing isn’t that bad. :wink:

As context, I’ve used plenty of hardware sequencers over the years, and have never experienced this level of consistent odd quantizing/note placement.

Is this a bug? Is there some workaround that I should know about (editing in Step mode so that note lengths are retained?)

I think this is likely due to two related things :

Pyramid :
does not quantise recording , rather playback - so it always records at high resolution
When recording, it always stores notes with a positive offset, not negative.

Have you looked at the note offset ?

My guess is you’ll find it’s going to be 80-99%
This would mean you are playing a very short (= mSec) amount of time early. (*)
So you end up as beat 4 + 98% of a 1/16

My guess is you would expect to see this as beat 1 with - 2% offset. But the pyramid does not do this.
( yes id like this too, and I suspect other sequencers do this - but looks unlikely to change now?! )

However apart from ‘display’ it doesn’t really matter , it will replay as played, or will quantize correctly ( if enabled)

At least this what I’ve always put this down too, as I find I’m often off by +/- 5 to 10% , but perhaps my timing is off :wink:

(*) I tend to play slightly early , I guess anticipation :wink:

thetechnobear described my experience with this as well. If you enable the Quantizer effect on the track, does the note play on the first step/beat?

I will often enter step mode, go to the last step (being the early note from live recording) and select > to move it to the first step and adjust offset as needed. Or, I simply enable the Quantizer effect.

If you want to ‘reset’ the quantisation on the notes
the best way I’ve found is to :

  • enable quant fx, at required grid size
  • use consolidate track.

This will pull/push notes onto grid as expected.

if you have other fx , that you do not want to consolidate then you can copy the notes to a ‘spare’ track, do consolidate there , then copy the notes back - bit of a pain, but works

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Thank you and technobear for your responses. This helps me understand a bit better how the Pyramid operates. When I use quantize effect the first step/beat is always in time (if I use count in), but it’s the following beats that are the problem.

I should know this, but how do you move the note recorded in live mode via the step mode? I’ll experiment a bit with note offset tonight to see if that helps.