Timing inconsistencies

I’m starting to notice a lot of weird timing inconsistencies from Hapax. I thought originally that it was a possible issue with my setup or a bug related to the grid view settings but couldn’t nail it down. So I did a little experiment to see what exactly it was spitting out. I set up a four bar phrase with a four note chord playing on the downbeat of each bar, quantized so all notes are triggering at the same time. I then recorded the midi out through usb into Ableton running freely in order to take clock sync out of the equation. Upon examining the resulting recording, it’s clear that there were discrepancies in the start and endings of notes within each chord. I then tried the same thing this time with Hapax synced to Ableton and got a consistent result of all four notes delayed from each other with the lowest note coming in first and each consecutive note coming in later with the highest note delayed the most. Perhaps this is the nature of Hapax or maybe there is a way to get things tightened up, maybe a setting I’m missing? Either way it rears it’s ugly head when trying to sequence, for instance, an arp from an external synth that doesn’t consistently trigger the same way.

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