Timing drift when zoomed out

I am noticing some serious timing issues when the grid is zoomed out. If I have 4 bars (64 steps) zoomed out to fit the whole grid using the -key, over a few cycles the downbeats of each measure begin to drift and start off time. If I zoom back in to display a single page of 16 steps the problem goes away. Before I file a bug report, has anyone noticed this?

Will test this out tonight. Do you have any elasticity set on any of the tracks?

None. Just a simple chord on the downbeat of each measure. It takes a few passes before it starts drifting btw.

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I just tested this, but wasn’t able to reproduce this. Can you tell us step by step how to reproduce?

I was also unable to test this. I tried making a four bar pattern, an eight bar pattern, and a light drum track (to check timing) and zoomed out of the four and eight bar patterns. I gave it a good 20 minutes between changes and still everything stayed in sync whether zoomed in or out. Which version are you on? Are you syncing external gear?

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Not synching any gear. I reinstalled latest firmware and am currently running it for 15 min now and it seems stable. Perhaps something got corrupted, not sure. Thanks so much for checking, will report back if it happens again.

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