Timing Differences between SEQ+Pad vs SEQ Mode -> Pad

I may be smoking crack. Sorry.
I’m doing a bunch of other stuff in the background between sending data from the Pyramid OUT to a control system and back IN, but I ran across this ‘thing’ so I disabled all that junk and could reproduce it with a more mundane setup. It seems strange to me, but I’m probably overlooking something.

Figured I’d ask if anyone else has noticed it or could point out my dumb before submitting to Squarp.

Have a Project with multiple Patterns, Auto-Seq Setting (so all Pattern 1’s are SEQ 1, Pattern 2=SEQ 2, etc).

Just stuck a drumbeat on Track01 for both Patterns.
SEQ Perform Mode → Beat

(Settings also has “Beat” selected for Pattern)

Assumption, while playing and if my timing is correct, the beat should continue seamlessly from Pattern01/SEQ01 to Pattern02/SEQ02

In Track Mode, and using [SEQ]+[Pad] to switch between Patterns, everything works as expected - as in: if I’m close enough to the correct Beat, then things switch in time.

If in SEQ Mode and just using the Pad to switch between Patterns, there is a dramatic delayed timing glitch.

However, if I go to SEQ Mode and select [INST] in the Perform Mode (which generally I avoid because my brain is faster than my hands), it seems to work as if it’s in Beat Mode and I swear I could not hit it wrong.

Same Project. Same Patterns.
This Project was created fresh to test this out.
Has anyone else noticed this?
Obvs I have a workaround (Use SEQ+Pad, which is probably preferable because: reasons), but this is part of a bigger testing/issue/drama thing and I just want to dot my T’s and cross my I’s and all.

Note: Just for further reading if you’re a glutton for punishment, I’ve worked a system to maintain Track Status between Pattern changes for improv work. That is, the Mute States get saved in the Pattern as all OFF when creating the Project, but while playing an Event Processor keeps track of Mute States*****, gets triggered on the Pattern Change, and immediately updates the Pyramid Track Mute Statuses via PyraMIDI.

***** I don’t control the Pyramid from the Pyramid except Start/Stop and if this insanity works then SEQ+Pad also. My rig is Controllers(2) → Event Proc → Pyramid with feedback for Track Status from Pyramid → Event Proc → Controller Button LEDs

Are you able to save these three different behaviors as separate projects? Basically only the second and third version will do. The first one is clear. Send it to me, I’ll check it again and we’ll see…

All the same Project.
Faster if you make one up yourself:
Patterns On
AutoSeq On
Track 01 to a drum voice, Pattern 1 4 on the floor kick
Pattern 2 maybe some 1/8th notes in there to note it’s different
Set Tracks Unmuted in SEQ01 and SEQ02
Set SEQ Mode to Beat
Press Play
Switch between SEQ01 and SEQ02 via:

  • Be in SEQ Mode and Use the Pads (only)
  • Be in Track Mode and use SEQ+Pad to switch Patterns

Set SEQ Mode to INST and repeat

I think I’m just missing something, but the ritalin wore off! LOL

That’s why I wanted to see you file, my prefs are saved surely differently than yours, what if it works on mine but not with your file?

Good points.
Since I’m in testing mode, I didn’t save the Project file.
I wasn’t sure if I was missing another timing setting and not fully sure which ones are in the Project File and which may be stored in a global settings file. Was hoping another set of experiences might inform.

Honestly I’m just working my way around finding ways to maintain persistence of Mute States across Pattern changes and need a stable foundation to build on.

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