Time elasticity ? open questions

Hello Forum,

can the Time elasticity be modulated, or is it “only” manually settable ?

if not yet ( which i guess) , is this something planned to come ?

The manual says this:

Time elasticity (phasing)
While BPM changes the global playback speed of both projects, you can use the time elasticity feature to change the playback speed of each track individually.
Press bpm to enter BPM popup. Toggle menu encoder until elasticity % is highlighted. Then Rotate menu encoder to change elasticity value (you can also fine-tune the last digits).
For example, if the global BPM is set to 120.00, and you are working on track 01:

set elasticity to 50%: track 01 playback is two times slower = 60 BPM
set elasticity to 200%: track 01 is two times faster = 240 BPM
set elasticicity to 100.50%: track 01 is slightly faster and will slowly drift out of phase with the other tracks. Phasing is the main concept used in "Steve Reich - Piano Phase".

In Hapax, time elasticity is a way to achieve polyrhythms (two rhythms being played concurrently).

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Currently elasticity cannot be modulated.

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i m still waiting for the machine so since my pyramid is gone cirklon is feeling a little bit lonly.
modulating time per track would be unique and amazing, also the cirklon is not able to do this !

Toraiz Squid can do that … it sounds cooler than it is … at least i never found a real usage for it


i think it could make interesting ideas possible, for exaple steped time chanches against each other in different träcks…

exactly !

Here, ALOTS depends on the implementation.
Just a boring repeating LFO , …well, even that might have its wins, funs and giggles.

I personally would envision some more thought out implementations, vs. "access to “alter” time elasticity by modulations, respectivly by “programmed sequenzing” " .
I have a Flux sequenzer in my eurorack, and look at this thematic from there.
Doable, would be alots…imho

i start posting wishlists when i have my unit, and know what i´m talking ´bout :laughing:

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Do you thinks this will come ?

no idea, thats up to Squarp devs not me :slight_smile:

I do potentially see ‘complications’ with it though…
for example, the sequencer is scheduling when to launch new patterns, but if the timing is constantly changing that could (potentially) cause complications.

things like this, might depend on how its coded - may be hard, may be trivial … we simply don’t know, - and that impacts how much dev effort it is.

then we can look at the practical side…
Squarp are going to be getting a ton of feature requests from every new user!
as every user has some ‘great ideas’ or things they think ‘should’ be in there.
… ideas are unlimited, development time is not :wink:

(also as its v1 firmware, bugs/issues will no doubt take priority)

so these things will have to assessed - viability, and priority.
and priority partly comes down too… how many users will use this?

again, I repeat - Ive no part in this, or knowledge to know if its easy/hard, or if its something squarp want to do, or might even have plans to do.
just as a developer, I know the one thing we never lack is ideas and feature requests :wink:

so I guess, just saying we all have to manage our expectations in early days… there’s no point inundating Squarp will a thousand feature requests on day one.
I think a more considered approach, ie… once everyone has got to sit down and play with it for a while… and really we start to understand as users what are the important features/issues (*)

but again, just my personal opinion !

(*) and yeah, I’m no better/patient … Ive a ton on ‘open requests’ with Squarp for the Hapax !

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thanks for taking so much time to answer ! :slight_smile:
“Currently elasticity cannot be modulated.” sounded like you think so…
Every blink of an eye is a idea and a good feature at the same time. :wink:

‘currently’ was kind of shorthand for saying.

"you cannot NOW, but hey… its v1 firmware , who knows what may come later ! "

but didn’t turn out very much like shorthand since I then had to explain it :laughing:

the thing is, we are (I think) at the start of journey for Hapax… few users have it in their hands today… so impossible to know what things might change, will change, won’t change.

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Yea i think so too, every upade of the pyramid was a gift…
I m really excited to get the machine nex week, hopefully !
And I m very curious already about hapax 4.0 in a few years. :wink:

About those few users…

Do u know around how many devices went out in the first batch?