Three Hermod questions

I had three quick Hermod questions I’m hoping you can help me with.

  • Is there any way to transpose recorded sequences in the Hermod using a MIDI controller? That is, I have a MIDI controller connected to my Hermod, a recorded sequence in my Hermod, and I want to control the base note of the sequence through the MIDI controller. That is, I want to transpose the sequence to different keys. Is there a way to do this within the Hermod? I know I can set the base note for a track in the MIDI effects – what I am looking for is to be able to control the base note in real time through the controller. I also want to not have the note I’m playing on the keyboard pass through to the Hermod CV and GATE – just do the transposition. Is there a setting for this somehwere?

  • Is there a way to sync the arpeggiator of a MIDI controller using the Hermod’s clock? So that, say, the arpeggiation of a Novation SL MkIII plays in time with the Hermod. I tried setting the Hermod’s control clock to MIDI PORT, so that the MIDI controller would set the clock, but the arpeggiator on the controller doesn’t (apparently) send out MIDI start and clock.

  • Lastly, has anyone else had trouble with pressing the main mode changes buttons and getting them to “stick”? What I mean is, a fair number of times when I press STEP, EFFECTS, TRACK or SEQ, when I press the new button, the new button won’t light up, although the display screen changes while I have my finger pressed down. When I let it up, the pressed button goes dim and everything goes back to how it was before (on the display, and the mode switches back). There doesn’t seem to be any consistent pattern as to when this happens. I’d say it happens about every 10-15 button pushes.

Thanks for any info!

  1. yes, see transposition in settings, under midi channels
  1. so basically you want incoming notes to be quantised to the hermod’s clock.
    no, that is not possible live… there is not ‘live quantisation’ (search forum for why this is tricky/unlikey to happen ;))
    really, you should be getting your controller sync to the harmed clock to do this
    perhaps talks to Novation if this is not working.
    if its not live, then you can record and use quantise effect.

  2. they have 2 different modes, momentary and hold.
    its pretty common for new users to hold buttons for too long , and feel they are ‘sticky’.
    just a matter of getting used to it ( and the timing)
    again, search this forum, and you’ll see its a common ‘complaint’ from new users, but usually once they know, they find its ok.

Im not sure if these are all suitable for your needs, but its what we have.
if you need something different, then you should submit a feature request via the contact form on the Squarp web site.

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