Thoughts on Elektron Digitakt song mode?

Seems to utilize manipulating mute states similar to the Pyramid. It doesn’t have the the number of tracks or step length capability of the Pyramid. But, for those who already have one, do you think this might render the Pyramid not as useful?

I have Pyramid (now Hapax) and use it to sequence my Digitone, but have never mucked about with sequencing anything in parallel with the Elektron, even before yesterday (lack of song mode was a dealbreaker and one of the reasons I got Pyramid in the first place). I just assign each of the four Digitone tracks to an individual Pyramid track/MIDI channel and program them individually (T1 = bass, T2 = pads, T3 = leads, T4 = FX/random).

so for me, it’s not going to change how I used my Digitone with anything Squarp, but I suppose to the extent one is composing fully-sequenced “songs” on Pyramid in Sequence mode, it’s easier now to align the Digi’s sequencing and run them in parallel with from Pyramid with sync/Start-Stop.

I’m more tempted now than before to explore any new possibilities that Song Mode will bring to me controlling Digitone from Hapax but . . . at the end of the day as welcome as the change is, is it really going to give me more than what I can get with Hapax? First impressions tell me probably not

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Its fucking dope. Between trig cond, p-locks, chains and now song mode’s pattern mute automation making evolving/pseudo generative sequences is so quick. Not that we couldnt find ways of doing the exact same thing prior to the update but its just so much more freeing to not have to stop and think about where to route things and concentrate on jamming out is just :pinched_fingers:

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It just occurred to me, the Digi still doesn’t have an arpeggiator…gotta keep my Pyramid for that reason alone, for now anyway

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