This project file detunes fully the Hermod (file included)

Hi there,

First of all, I’ve got next Saturday a gig finally, I hope people can find or help me with this issue.
The following is happening:
All the projects loads fine, but loading a project after this specific file the Hermod is completely out of tune. I measured on all the outputs (so same on every channel) -0.4v on C5, which should be 0.0v (before, or let’s say on clean startup it gives fine 0.0v on C5). It took me a while to figure out how this came, but it’s definitely in this project file that creates the issue.
Of course I checked the midi offsets on the channels, any midi FX on, and other weird inputs. But the problem exists loading another project file after this one, which doesn’t have offsets or FX as well.

What I’ve done to check what it maybe can be:

  • Run the Hermod on a separate (other than regular) power supply
  • Load all the other projects besides this one, it all runs fine. Once this one is activated, it gives me the issue above
  • Recalibrated all the other modules (besides the Hermod, since it gives quite good results when not opening this file)
  • Usually I use the USB host plug as well, got that detached and same situation
  • Checked my firmware version, I run the latest (1.71)

I’ve uploaded the file on google drive, link is here

Unfortunately the project file contents are unreadable, else I would have a look on this.

Thanks a lot if you want to have a look on it.

hmm, sounds like a bug, so you’ll have to submit it to squarp via the contact form , you can send them the project file to look at.

if I understand correctly, you are saying that if you load this project it throws out the CV calibration.
and, if you load another project, the calibration is still off…
BUT, if you power-cycle the rack, then the calibration is fine again ?!

its sounds like the project is some how overwriting the calibration values, so random guess is some kind of memory corruption :frowning:

as for a workaround…
really the only thing I can think of , is really laborious…

basically duplicate this project (so you have the original to come back to)

then remove things (e.g. fx OR notes) , save it (its a dup remember :slight_smile: )
then reboot hermod, see if that fixes issue…

if you remove something, and it fixes it.
go back to original, and remove ‘less’ e.g. if first time around you removed all fx, this time only remove a few fx…
rinse repeat, until you get to what is causing the issue…

IF when you remove things, it still doesn’t work, keep removing things…

the other option is to do the opposite, start with a new project and slowly add one thing at a time to make it the same this project, but keep saving/loading to check that its not broken.
then hopefully, you’ll add ‘one’ thing, and it’ll break, and you know thats the issue.
(Id probably go this route, if possible, since hopefully it’ll mean you end up with something that you can use for your gig)

basically, you’re trying to determine what aspect of the project is causing the issue.
(compared to other projects you have which work fine)

as I said its laborious… you might be lucky and track it down quickly… or you might find it takes ages to work out what it is, or even find, that its a corrupt project, and you are not able to track down what the issue is :frowning:

but unfortunately, from a user side, thats all you can do…

of course, Squarp developers are able to (hopefully) connect a debugger with source code, and then load the project to get an idea of what’s going on… hence the first suggestion to report via the contact form.
BUT… in all fairness, this kind of debugging can be pretty time consuming and they are busy, so (although i don’t know) Id not expect this to happen within a week… so that gives you a predicament.

Hi mr Technobear!

Many thanks for your detailed answer and the issue your wrote down is correct; after power-cycle the rack it all works fine again.
While it’s time consuming finding the issue, I’ll try to delete some stuff piece by piece. If I’ll find the issue, will post it if someone else got this issue in the future.

I reached out the developers as well with the contact form, hope they will response soon.

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Ok, after three days of researching, and definitely have the skills to find an issue, it was in the end not the Hermods fault. Everything in my setup is connected to a BomeBox with Midi Translator Pro, which sends and receive midi signals in every aspect; midi to cv for presets in delay’s, fx, oscillators, fader positions of the motorised faders, and as well the Hermod via USB connected.

I tried to have the USB disconnected and use the DIN instead, but of course gives you the same issue if there is a fault in my Midi Translator system.
The fault was that it was sending a sysex message to ALL midi devices instead of only the launchpad. This included pitch bend data…

Excusé moi for all the noise, and appreciate your help!

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don’t worry, this happens to all of us :slight_smile:
I also really appreciate you telling us, some just quietly stop posting… so we never know what the underlying issue was.

glad to hear you got it working!

Ive a similar thing with my Virus (not hermod related) , Ive got something in my setup that sometimes sends some midi to my virus to set some internal gain level to zero… and so suddenly it sounds like my virus is not responding any more … and I have to turn it on/off… similarly Ive seen it freak out with sysex being sent from other devices… which in theory the virus should just ignore.

ho-hum… the good news is once you figure these things out, its usually easy enough to prevent , but for sure creates head scratching moments :wink:

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