This is a buggy moan

Sorry for the moan, I know it might not be very constructive.

I spent a couple of frustrating hours today with the Pyramid.

Firstly I updated the OS to the latest and it eradicated all my previous settings.
Then I redid all the tracks (name, channel, pattern checked etc.) and saved the settings, only to find it had eradicated the names.
Finally, I am punching in overdub mode and find it doesn’t record aftertouch in this mode (works fine otherwise).

Interspersed was frustration with the program change function. If set to MIDI IN PC on, it doesn’t record the PC when I change it on my synth, rather it sets the pattern’s program to whatever my synth is at that moment. Surely that’s not intended behaviour?

I like aspects of the Pyramid but it feels unpolished.

:frowning: … and of course Squarp Does not reply.

We need a cracker.

Updating the OS always reverts the settings and tracks to the default. But you can quickly restore them from a blank project.

Also recording aftertouch is in the settings, and probably defaults to off. Sorry to hear you had a bad day with the Pyramid.


Sold mine this week. I’m done.

You have to save a project with your default settings in order to reuse them when you perform an upgrade to the system. I can understand that this is missing from the manual as a best management practice

this sentence makes no sense. Since as you say it sets the pattern’s program to whatever your synth is at that moment then it records PG in the track.