There is joy in Hapax

For those of us that have used a lot of hardware over the years, it’s easy to be pessimistic whenever something new comes out.

We’ll look at the limitations, talk about the bugs, and rant about the ‘missing’ features that we need. We’ll compare the feature set to other devices that are out there and lament that the new box costs more and does less and in general find a lot to criticize.

What’s lost in all that is whether you actually enjoy using the machine, whatever it is. I can say that even though I haven’t explored all the features or really pushed the bounds, the Hapax is fun to use and every time I turn it on, it brings me joy.

There’s something to be said for a piece of hardware that you look forward to using every time you power up your gear. There’s a lot of neutral machines that are simply workhorse tools, and a few that are painful to use but necessary, and then there’s the minority of things that are actually fun.

This is supposed to be a creative, uplifting endeavor and the for me the Hapax helps make it so.


it’s awesome in 90% of the things i want/need it to be awesome at! as you say, a delight to use on so many levels and until i started bumping up against the limits of the other 10% of my needs, always looked forward to firing up the Hapax (and Pyramid) to work on my tracks. i’m sure it’s going to feel like cutting off a limb to switch over to Deluge but will hang on to Hapax with the hope of coming back to it again down the road (or maybe Synthstrom brings over aspects of Hapax like MIDI FX that it also currently lacks)