The blackbox corner

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After reading a recent post on drum machines, I noticed a fair amount of responders use this sampler.

Maybe you guys would be ok to share some tips, tricks and workflow ideas, on your usage of the 1010 music Blackbox with Hapax ?


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i started with a blackbox for my sampler when i got a Pyramid but didn’t get on with it for various reasons. generally it was super easy to sequence from Pyramid but also quickly realized that the 16 “pad” limit was probably too hard of a ceiling for my workflow – though in theory there are a lot of different functions you can cram into those 16 pads, if you’re crafty. i know the latest firmware update added some new features but I ultimately switched to the MPC for my sampling needs and it’s been mostly great.

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For the sake of clarity, it would be nice to get posts of people who are actually sequencing the BB with Hapax.

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Happy to share. After a few years with the BB and a year with the Hapax I finally have a pretty fun workflow going.

At the moment:

I use the first 8 slots on the BB for a drum kit in the drum mode on the Hapax, easily mapped out with a definition file.

Then I have 8 more slots for whatever. Maybe a shaker or loops.
Or a multi sample of whatever synth or sampled melodic instrument.

I have my guitar rig with amp going through a cab simulator straight out into my blackbox line in, as well as a condenser mic going through a Boss VE-500, via an A B switch. I can live loop those in sync with the Hapax and/or play or sing live (rec monitor set to ON not auto).

The BB keeps playing any of its loops even after you stop the Hapax. So Start works if all tracks on BB are armed but not Stop (maybe they’ll fix that someday).

I use midi B for the BB, and anything g else that I want to respond to start messagages, so as to not trigger any sequencers on my other synths.

A added thing that’s easy to do is if you have a cool patch that you like you can quickly multi sample it into the BB then use that synth for another part and play the multi sample from the BB.

I’m sure there’s stuff I’m missing.

All of it goes into Bluebox as my mixer/recorder.

Happy to help if you end up going that route.


I usually trigger pads via MIDI notes rather than loops since the stop isn’t immediate with loops when the BB is receiving a stop message via MIDI. I will either use Trigger or Gate. For the latter, I make sure that the note in the Hapax sequence lasts for however long the sequence is.

If I need to conserve tracks on the Hapax, I will put all samples into a folder and trigger them as a multisample with different notes. I only do this if I don’t mind having them all go to the same output.

I have noticed that when using USB outs, things can get really glitchy with pad not responding properly to MIDI messages. I emailed Jean about this and the best we can figure is it’s not a Hapax issue, but a BB issue or the two devices just don’t interact well over USB midi. I suspect this is due to the extreme sensitivity the BB has to USB noise. I use a power conditioner and I still have to use power/data splitters for the BB. And connecting it to a USB hub introduces a lot of noise as well.

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Anyone know if it’s any good for chopping breaks in conjunction with the hapax? I usually use my octatrack but sometimes wonder if there was something more streamlined I could sequence from the hapax.


Yes i tried it out on a drum track and it worked pretty well with a drum loop, though it was limited to 8 slices.

You can assign the note/Channel on each drum instrument so it’s not difficult to map to a slicer.

Next time i’ll try with a melodic track to expand slices and see if it’s not cumbersome