The best hybrid studio workflow with midi & semi-modular gear using Pyramid + Logic X?

Hi all, i take delivery of Pyramid in 2 days time and i’d hugely appreciate any workflow suggestions for my about-to-be-new studio set up to get me up and running.

As it stands i use DAW to track a whole bunch of mainly analogue gear & acoustic instruments but i’d like to focus on the set up around the synths and Pyramid first and foremost. I haven’t used a hardware sequencer since the Alesis MMt-8!
I’m guessing (hoping) when it does come to tracking in Logic X, it’ll be pretty straightforward via the USB port.

My gear; Pulsar 23, Rev2, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Erebus synth, Moog Sirin and Keystep Pro.
All midi connections run via Unitor8 midi interface or usb. Clocks vary depending on what i’m working on but ultimately Logic takes control when i’m tracking.
All audio from each device is fed from a Behringer mixer to an Apollo Twin audio interface.

The midi/CV routing is my primary concern in getting right.
I’m also wondering if the Keystep Pro will become redundant or perhaps i can route cv info via the Keystep Pro into Pyramid for sequencing?

The Unitor8 has 8 midi in and out ports as well as a USB connection, so it appears i have plenty midi connectivity to make Pyramid a joyful and straightforward place to work in. (fingers crossed!) I just want to get the routing bang on so i can concentrate on learning Pyramid.

I know many others have issues in a hybrid studio set up and i can say my current workflow isn’t without it’s problems. (midi loops is one that springs readily to mind)

Ideally i’m looking for more control over the DFAM which i think will be the device mostly connected to CV in Pyramid. I currently use midi clock from the Subharmonicon to ADV Clock in DFAM and is hugely restrictive rhythmically.

The Pulsar23 drum synthesiser is another machine i’m keen to explore further within Pyramid. Any tips or experience using that with Pyramid are very welcome and i’ll share mine once i get to grips with it!

I’m preparing myself for a steep learning curve and reshaping my workflow has been a big decision but i’m also excited to learn of how much Pyramid can bring to the creative and rhythmic side of my work.

Thank you so much for anyone prepared to add to or join in this conversation. I have plenty time on my hands over the next few weeks to respond due to lockdown in the UK again. All/any advice or tips/pitfalls are graciously welcome.

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