Thank you for all the hard work

Nothing here. Just want to thank the Squarp company for this device. Good job.


Thank you very much for the kind words, that’s so heartwarming :smiling_face:


Yes you created a great device that has changed my musical life since I got mine last summer.


Seriously. I love the Hapax so much and am so stoked to see the progress made on it. I might be guilty of randomly checking for new betas because of that.


agreed. best midi/cv sequencer EVAR!

now please make one with 16 cv outputs? :smiley:

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I use CVOCD and i’m good.


oh im sure it works great im just saying 16 cv outs with hapax style envelopes and lfos etc would be nirvana but i could always control vcv rack and output envelopes or whatever i build to as many cv outputs on the expert sleepers as i want. i was just sayin, a 16 cv out hapax would be like getting lucky at the bingo

details on how it works exactly still vague but . . . 32 CV output is an announced spec

i saw that! i hope the modulations are as deep and good looking as hapax lol

I really like the idea of the visual/sequenceable(?) matrix mixer with breakout box. I wouldn’t mind a few more audio I/O though. Not sure I’d want such a thing integrated with my main sequencer, although this could add interesting possibilities. But if squarp were interested in building such a thing as an add-on with some sort of integration into Hapax I’d certainly prefer that. Something like 16 or 32 stereo tracks whose routing configuration is automatically recalled when switching projects on the Hapax. I’d love that. Too niche and expensive to build, probably. :slight_smile: Don’t have a need for CV very much at the moment, but I’d have been all over that when I still had my eurorack some time ago.

id like it simply because cv modulation is much higher resolution than cc and if you do some hardware filter cv tweaks on audio you get from your sampler (triggered by midi from hapax too) you have effectively combined the best of both worlds without mucking up your timing with too many cc messages and you have very precise automation of your favorite filter to boot! its a great concept. it makes the euro stuff actually useful for something other than regret or status… all from one machine. brilliant!

fair enough. more CV’s is always good to have.

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My cv i/o needs are pretty much non-existing as well, but the audio matrix mixer would add so much flexibility to live sets where space/transportation limits the numer of effects one can bring.

I was considering the Erica Synths Matrix Mixer for this purpose, but the routing user interface of the Reliq seems way better.

I actually got the Erica Matrix shortly after writing the post above and it’s quite cool indeed. But of course it will use a whole Hapax track just to select the patch even if you only need a song specific routing and don’t go crazy with animated routing changes - which it’s not good with anyway in combination with audio as you get clicks. Having this integrated somehow would be cool. Or a Hapax update granting >16 tracks, so at least it wouldn’t matter using up a track for this purpose.