Terrified of losing ally projects on my SD card

After months using Hermod and storing dozens of projects suddenly I get this message:

  • SD card mount error please retry or format your SD Card

Must say the message came gradually, first I saw how my projects list was surprisingly empty , then power off/on several times and then the message appeared.

I’m completely terrified of potentially losing all the projects that I have been working for months, Hermod it’s the centre of my set, studio live etc…

I tried remove and remount SD card but nothing
I tried load the SD card on my Mac to see if I could backup the files but nothing

Could someone help me?

Best bet would be to contact Squarp directly at squarp.net/contact

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I know it’s a little late for this, but…

One who is suspicious of all computing devices rarely loses data. As a long time member of the computing profession, I strongly recommend a “belts and suspenders” approach to preserving data.

I suggest subscribing to Google Drive and storing everything within this synchronized drive space. Create folders for your musical instrument data and sub folders representing dates you backed up.

For example, I might backup the contents of my active Hapax SD Card today to this folder:
Musical Instruments/Hapax/Backup 2022-07-06

Tomorrow I’ll make the name of that last folder have tomorrow’s date (in fact it’s yet another backup, which is the idea!).

Because this is stored within the Google Drive “stream” it will be backed up yet again to Google Drive.

In point of fact I actually mirror my Google Drive to a pair of 6TB hard drives in a “RAID” configuration in an enclosure above my desk, so I can access my data even if the Internet is down. Most won’t need to go to such great lengths, but if you only backup your SD Card to your computer (as opposed to another system outside your home), you aren’t doing very much. Again, be suspicious of all computing machinery, and you will rarely be disappointed!

If the SD card will load, there are deleted file recovery tools out there you could try. I’m not sure what the current best for mac is, but if you google you should find something with a free trial you can try?

I normally do that with other systems.
BUt The main thing is that: hermod has the SD card on the back, removing the sd card requires unmounting the unit, uncabling etc… not conveninent at all to backup every session etc…

I will try. thanks

Sounds like a less than optimal design choice (placement of the SD Card slot).


Captura de pantalla 2022-07-07 a las 13.48.16
That’s the only thing I’m getting with a data recovery…
And it doesn’t look great…

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