Tempo FX: option for non-global tempo edit

I’d expect this to be one bold feature for experimentation.

Is there no way nor option, my Tempo-FX only affects my one track only instead of taking a global affect on all tracks same time?


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(are we talking pyramid or hermod here?)

I’m not quite sure what you mean… or trying to achieve.

indeed tempo is global… there is no option to vary tempo per track,
nor, the ability to change tempo for fx (but not notes/automation)

of course, you can automate or map cc to FX parameters, so this means you could change (dynamically) the (e.g) delay time parameter from 1/16 to 1/12 etc.

beyond that I think you’d need to raise a feature request with Squarp via the contact form

Thanks for clarifying -
That’s wat I ment.
Made an Feature request.

I expected to get a specific Tempo for each track, but clearly this is not how it was ment to be.
Still, im craving for having some sort of additional tempo fx (on track Level) which just does this, as desctibed
This would result in running away or stalling tracks - surely winderful

Btw… Is there a way to clock divide tracks by Master clock? 1:5, 1:11 would be great…

please don’t cross post/ create multiple topics on the same theme.

I had already told you on this topic, that tempo was global…

so no need for a new topic, we could continue the discuss here if you have further questions, or require clarification

and again, if its a FR it needs to go via the contact page…
the following post explains why Squarp want request and bugs to go via the contact page


so summary, we have global tempo
no track level tempo

BUT of course, the pyramid supports both polymeters and polyrhythms.
so for notes and automation , you can have different length tracks, and also different time signatures.
and you can zoom in/out, to place events (notes/automation) at different ‘levels’

(I suggest checking the manual on this, it explains it well… also the forum (search) has many discussions on this topic)

all of this, in some sense you could view as a kind of clock division/multiple…

however, as already stated this is not going to help you on FX, since its changing how you place events NOT the tempo of the track (which is alway the global tempo)

(there is the possibility to alter the global tempo too… but its for all tracks)

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