Tempo changes on Hapax

hi, first post here.

Does Hapax support tempo changes? Can a pattern have an independent tempo? Is there a way to program gradual tempo changes?

It doesn’t really answer my question. I’m asking just about Hapax (without an external clock). Can you program pattern-specific or song mode tempo changes? And how about time signature changes?

theres related info in there including that no hapax doesnt do tempo changes but if you still want to use it and introduce tempo changes, give it an analog clock from a daw (and automate it using the daw’s methods) or simple square wave oscillator (almost any eurorack pulse wave osc will work) and change the tempo by hand. will that work?

i use 4/4 so i dont care about time signatures really but tempo works well the way i described it.

Thanks, that’s what I wanted to find out.

you could even automate the pitch of the oscillator with hapax. but i havent tried this

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you could also use something that sends a midi clock to hapax.

you could also trigger a sample of the clock square waveform from a sampler and manipulate that somehow. i send clock sample impulse from reapers stock sample player at almost full volume. this would seem to be controllable from hapax, by sending midi to the sampler in use. i think ill try it with a hardware sampler and see what results. i imagine you could change the loop length and get a tempo change as fast or as slow as you wanted. just make sure you have the analog clock input set to a higher resolution. i imagine there is a small bit of lag using this method but ill report back

Thanks @solipsvs. An external sync signal is always a good workaround, it’s just surprising that Hapax can’t do tempo changes without help.

yeah did you know about its lack of a traditional song sequencer (and thus no gradual tempo control) by reading about it? to me, thats not something i need a groove oriented sequencer to do. get a deluge if you want that sort of thing. or maybe wait a little bit? seems like something squarp might be able to add. personally, i like the idea of controlling an oscillator’s pitch from hapax. hey! you could put that automation on its own track and choose when to invoke it. hapax is a groove sequencer meant to be performed from, not a strict timeline based paradigm, right now at least. im sorry you bought it before you knew this. oh well, it does what it does exceptionally well imho!

I’m haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but Hapax still looks like the best option for what I need. I just want to make sure I understand its current cons.
But you gave me an idea. Since it can generate a square wave LFO, it should be possible to make a CV loopback and sync Hapax to its own LFO. Then the LFO speed can sequenced in the project.

The LFO range is 0.1 Hz to 1kHz, so this should be more than enough.
E.g. the analog clock speed for 120bpm is 48Hz (120bpm/60sec*24ppqn).

interesting but the sequencer has to be running for the lfo to output. it could work, maybe