Syncing with reaper or whatever via audio square wave

works super well, no warbly tempo like midi. im so thankful for gate clock input! this is sample accurate if im not mistaken! just set it to trigger on the 16th note or play around with it, im sure creative use could be made.


I’m curious, how do you set this up? I’ve been wanting to do this with bitwig because syncing Bitwig to the Hapax clock via midi is a nightmare for anything that needs precision.

actually you can use any clock division you want.

you get a square wave, single cycle with positive leading edge, load into reasampleomatic5000 in the case of reaper (stock sample player), send to a DC coupled audio output on your sound card, and trigger the sample on the 16th note as default. this may kill your swing however, edit: swing works anyway, hook it up to your hapax cv1 input and set clock source to cv in 1.


asking any software to sync to an external tempo source is unrealistic imho. to me this is the only answer to a sync issue. it just works. gotta be careful about touching the ‘start’ button or beware of any drop out, your hapax will then be out of sync and youll need to restart to get back into sync. thats the only issue. if you can stand the rain this is what you need, no reason to buy anything to facilitate sync