Syncing to external clock


I am trying to figure out the best way to sync to Circadian Rhythms. I have read the manual and tried every setting. I can not figuire out how to a get a simple bar of 4 quater notes to sync.

I want to hit run on CR and have the Hermod play 1/4 notes in time on the correct beats.

It will sync but there does not seem to be a sync and a reset. So sometimes it is offset a 1/2 beat. Sometimes more.

Any advice?

what did you try?

k, I don’t know CR… so Im assuming
a) you want Hermod sync’d to CR
b) you’re using CV not midi

we can do this in settings

Settings → Clock Settings

Clock source : CV A
Clock transport : CV B RESET (*)
Clock In Div : 1/4

now pass you clock into CV A, and reset into CV B

(*) alternatively you can use CV B PLAY, which then used a HIGH signal to play, and LOW will stop and reset…

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