Syncing Hapax to Ableton Live With Motu UltraLite MK5

Hi friends,

Been loving the Hapax for the last few months. I am curious to see whether I can use my new UltraLite MK5 with DC coupled outputs interface to sync Hapax to the DAW with a more reliable sync than MIDI. I currently have an ERM Multiclock but my desk real estate is sparse these days and I’m using it solely to sync the Hapax to my DAW so I’m wondering if I can forego it entirely by using CV Tools in Ableton.

I’m currently trying it with a Hosa 1/4 → 1/8 TS cable but am unable to get the Hapax to start. I just ordered some of the Expert Sleepers FR-200 1/4" TRS to 3.5mm TS Floating Ring cables to see if that helps, but I feel like I’m missing something obvious. I have my audio interface output connected to CV In 1 and I have Clock Source set to CV In 1. I’ve tried various other parameters for the different sync in settings but no luck so far.

Am I on the right path with these cables? Is this even a worthwhile venture or am I going to have the same unstable clocking issues that the Multiclock solves? Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

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Interested in this as well as I’m also trying to get rid of my USAMO by doing this. Haven’t done any experiments yet.

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Finally figured this out. CueMix was defaulting to sending everything from the main outs to every other output as well. So my clocks were getting combined with the main audio signal. After fixing that everything works as expected.

It doesn’t replace my use case for the Multiclock. It would need to be able to offset different channels. Hopefully that’s a feature that’s added at some point!

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