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Hi, i noticed a bit of lag between my Hermod and Keystep in the latest firmware.
I slave the Keystep to Hermod via the host input, latch an arpeggio on the keys with hold, and play that in time with the rest of the system, but it’s a bit out of sync … so i record the arpeggio in the sequence since there s communication over the usb host input and the recorded track needs to be quantized even if the Keystep was synced, it’s very subtly out of time …

It’s something i can do or adjust?

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no there is no adjustment … or latency compensation on the hermod.

usually latency compensation is on the clock master, which I assume in this case is your keystep.
basically, what happens is the master sends the clock early (or often delays other tracks) using this compensation time.

I don’t have a keystep, so don’t know if it has this feature or not.

its also a bit hard to see what Hermod could do about this, if your just sending notes… it cannot ‘know’ about the notes before it sees them… so at best, if it had a clock, it could quantise to a clock.
BUT it does not have live quantisation (see previous discussions on this)
(it could of course, quantise recorded notes)

if you have ideas for features for the Hermod , you should send them to squarp via the contact form , they can discuss what’s possible and not.

for now, only thing I can think of that might help is to do the arp on the Hermod (as an effect) rather than the keystep, not sure if this will help.

you could also send midi thru the hermod to other devices, to ensure you get a consistent delay.


No, it’s the other way around, keystep is slaved to the hermod. hermod is the master clock, keystep only latches some notes and plays an arpeggio out of them in sync with the hermod clock, but it’s a bit out of sync, thing that is reflected if i record that arp in a sequence. It needs to be quantized, the timing is not 100% precise. Anyways, i understand what you say. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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ah, missed the slaving to hermod…

then yeah, same issue but the other way around … unfortunately few hardware sequencers (I guess cirklon?) have delay compensation… which is how we get around this in daws.

I don’t know what else your connecting else, or sound sources, but Id probably let the hermod do the work (arp/recording) , and just use the keystep for note-input.

otherwise, I think you are like to see some sync issues due to the inherent latency from hermod → keystep.

bare in mind, if you hermod → keystep → hermod, you get twice the latency e.g. if you record something on the keystep.


U’re right about the double latency … I’ll use the built in arp fx. Thanks!

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