Sync Pyramid with TR-707 drum machine

Am I missing something?

I have owned the Pyramid for a few years now and immediately gave up on incorporating it into my zone because of one basic function. I cannot figure out how to trigger the tr 707 drum machine. It won’t start playing when I hit play on the sequencer. The other midi notes on the keyboard work, but I need that drum machine going too!

I have used a different sequencer (MMT-8) and have had great luck. I just set the midi to sync on the 707 and when I press play on the sequencer it starts the pattern on the tr 707 while also triggering whatever else I have going. (keyboards) and it works great. I just want to be able to use the pyramid in a similar way that I have used the MMT8. I have hit a wall!

anyone have a similar set up that would know what the heck is the problem? Thanks!

is Pyramid’s MIDI Out set to send both Sync (on) and Start/Stop (on)?

alternatively, you can just program the 707 patterns directly on Pyramid in Step mode when you know the MIDI note values for each 707 instrument sound

@woodmondotgov check your midi out options in the preferences, but also maybe use midi out B (which is labelled sync) ?
I did succeed start stopping a TR606 2 years ago but don’t remember how.
Also maybe it’s midi din or something, try to enable a track for the 707 and browse through midi channel options (track + channel)
I’m sure it is doable, the pyramid can start stop and sync every gear :smiley: !

I also use a 707 with Pyramid.

  • Check if Pyramid is sending Sync and Start/Stop.

  • On the 707 in track mode, press “Shift” and “Sync Mode” till you see “mm” on the display, in the Tempo box. Now it will receive the midi sync, you can play in track oder pattern mode. :slightly_smiling_face:

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