Sync Out jitters?

i tried today the analog sync out at 24ppq … i’m syncing a OXI one with it.
I see quite strong jittering not he OXI One. (+/- 0.2 BPM)

using the E-RM Multiclock as source i have 0 jittering .

Anyone else noticed that?

Contact Squarp for sure. In the original batch I had issues with the Sync output, but Jean at Squarp did a lot of work on it with me, and it does all work fine for me now going into both my 606 and 303. I’m on OS v1.04

The issues I was getting were to do with it running slow when loads of MIDI events were also being fired out, and also had some issues with it not starting right on the button press of Play. Never experienced a ‘jitter’

Do you have any videos?

Edit: Just seen these new units are on 1.05beta OS, so perhaps there is a regression? You could try downgrading the OS to 1.04, but obviously if that doesn’t work you’d not easily be able to upgrade again to 1.05 until it’s officially released, so bit of a warning on that.

yes for sure i will contact Squarp about it.
I don’t have 1.05 … i have my Hapax from the first batch.

I just tested , if i use 4 ppq it’s much tighter . Id say it’s perfect.

heres a video with 24 ppq

Ah I see.

That sort of waveyness around a tempo is pretty normal, all my gear does it over MIDI and Sync24. I think it’s because every items clock is slightly different, so they read it all as a vaguely different tempo. If you listen to it, you’d hear them all in time. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about (slave from your computer for example and you’ll see a lot more variation)

It probably isn’t as prominent with 4ppq as it’s relying on the internal OXI clock more for the display before the clock signal resets.

i’m only wondering why the jitter is so big with the Hapax and so small with the Multiclock or Digitakt.
Also using Midi i see no jitter on the display at all. (my multiclock is delivering the Midiclock)

By ear i’d say there is no jitter.

I’m not sure why it would be bigger, to be honest. What happens if you slave the Digitakt from the Hapax, is it still as big?

i can’t do that. The digitakt doesn’t accept Analog Clock.

but Ableton Live can work with CV Clock.
And the result confirms what i’ve seen on the OXI One:

Live jitters a lot (+/-0.5 bpm) with the Hapax clock at 24ppq. With the Multiclock clock it jitters something like +/- 0.05 BPM
Setting Hapax clock to 4 ppq Live is absolutely stable.

I’ve annoyingly not got anything with a screen that does DinSync in so not able to test this behaviour myself. Send Squarp a bug report and can you let me know what they say? I’m interested.

i did already yesterday, and send updated info today

I was able to measure 3ms of jitter on os 1.04. I only measure 1ms on the new beta. Ill see if I can be a bit more scientific about it.

interestingly i see 0 jitter at 125 bpm. at 120 bpm it’s very strong … also with 1.10

how did you measure that ?

I’m working on typing this up and will include a video too. I want to make sure my procedure is correct.


So I was off on this. First test setup:

I’m using Hapax, Expert Sleepers FH-2, and Mordax Data

Hapax as master clock connected to the FH-2 over USB, FH-2 as host

FH-2 clock output 4 ppqn derived from Hapax clock sent to Mordax channel 1. This acts as the trigger for the scope and the clock reference.

Hapax sending 1/16th notes through the FH-2 this is going into Mordax channel 2.

Hapax sending gate clock out gate 1 to Mordax channel 3.

The results of this are:

Reference clock and 1/16th notes sequenced by the Hapax are nearly perfect. micro seconds difference basically no jitter.

Hapax gate clock jitters around 1.5 ms. This seems to be slightly different on 1.04 and 1.10 but it is definitely affected by tempo. The tempo seems to cause the jitter to be faster or slower, but not linearly.


thanks for testing!
i got a beta that fixes this issue. it’s not gone but literally ten times better