Sync Make Noise Rene to Pyramid or Hermod

Hello all! I’m having an issue syncing the MN Rene to Pyramid or Hermod due to the following behavior:

When Rene receives a reset trigger, it returns to the beginning of the sequence, but also triggers step #1.

So I’m now stuck with the following options:

  • when setting Hermod to G8+Reset P, Rene advances two steps at the beginning of the sequence (as it receives the reset trigger and clock trigger #1)

  • G8+Reset S triggers the first step of the Rene sequence when I’m stopping Hermod, and when I press start Rene plays from step #2.

Essentially there would need to be an option in Hermod where the first clock signal is not being sent when the start trigger is sent. I programmed a script on the Teletype and confirm that this works great.

Or is there a workaround using Hermod and/or Pyramid that I don’t see?

Unfortunately, I would say the problem lies with Rene. You could probably solve it with a supporting logic module set up as follows…

You’ll need a logic module that can do XOR.

Send Hermod’s clock and reset into a XOR logic and onwards into the clock input on Rene. Mult the reset from Hermod into Rene’s reset input.

Set Hermod to G8+Reset P

On play, the clock and reset will cancel each other out via the XOR logic and no clock trigger will be sent to Rene. The reset trigger will be sent however and will advance Rene 1 step. After that, the logic XOR will be false and so the clock will be passed through and take over clocking duties.

It’s another module but it will work. I had the exact same issue with Control Forge.

Hmmmm thinking about this further, you could also do it via 2 channels on the Hermod.

  • Set Hermod to G8+Reset P
  • Set Track 7 to a mod track and add a sync’d Square LFO and set the phase to 50%.

Use the reset from Track 8 to reset Rene and use the inverted LFO to clock Rene. Since the LFO is inverted it won’t trigger on play (the downbeat) and instead the reset will be sent.

I think this might work… :thinking: though maybe that will mess up timing elsewhere?…….

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Awesome idea! I will give this a shot :ok_hand:

Rather than flipping the phase by 50% it might be more like flipping it 99% so that the LFO is still in phase but the LFO doesn’t go high until after 1 cycle. Let me know how you get on.

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