Sync in > clock source resets to Internal

My clock source resets to Internal after every reboot. It also doesn’t save within a project.

Ideally, you would be able to set this as a global setting and maybe add an option to have a different setting at project level. But now it just resets to Internal every reboot, which is weird to me?

Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Settings are global to the Hapax, not to the Project, so if you want it to keep those settings, you’ll have to click Save in the main Settings menu.

I can see how this would be useful to have on a Project level (although also it might get confusing) so reckon submit it as a Feature Request.

Although with the Dual Project architecture it might not be possible, but definitely worth asking.

Edit: I just checked this on my Hapax. Changing the Clock source to something, then going back to main menu and clicking Save, turning off and on again, it does have the new setting in. I’m on OS 1.04.

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Thanks! I didn’t know you had to save the settings after changing them. So it was user error after all :slight_smile:

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this actually needs the Autoclock-Feature of the pyramid. I feel really annoyed that the Hapax doesn’t have it.

It will probably be added in the future?

This was one of the first feature requests I put in.

it will be … i just have little understanding why such basic established features didn’t make into the Hapax. And yes i’m aware that this firmware is most likely a complete rewrite. But it makes me currently use the Hapax less than i normally would, as i’m really annoyed to dive into menu to change that.
During my creative process i often switch to run it without clock and then together with all other gear.