Sync Cubase From Pyramid

Hi, I have been struggling figuring out how to sync Cubase to the Pyramid. If anyone has done this could you give me some tips? I go to synchronization setting and activate external sync, set MTC input to Pyramid USB and…nothing. :frowning:

I wasnt aware Pyramid sends MTC.

I don’t even know what MTC is, I assume it doesn’t do that then. Oh well.

Pyramid doesn’t support MTC aka MIDI timecode at all, only MIDI clock.


Thanks for the info.

If you plan on syncing things, it pays to educate yourself a bit on the subject.
Googling is cheap :wink:

Alright mate.

I had been googling how to externally sync cubase to hardware devices and was following along with those instructions. I assumed MIDI sync was one thing not MIDI Clock and MTC.

The terminologies seem similar from the outside. Another good resource is

Sometimes what we find from the Googles is…misleading. :wink:

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When it comes to unknown technical acronyms and terminology, the only relatively safe assumption is that if it’s not on the spec sheet then it’s not supported.

The MIDI clock (and DIN sync) is basically an electronic metronome that only knows the time to the next beat, whereas MTC (the MIDI equivalent of SMPTE) describes a timeline with a specific resolution.

Once you know what the things actually are, making sense of the setup becomes much easier. For example it’s not hard to imagine syncing an audio recording to a metronome as a potentially problematic thing, which is why many/most DAW’s don’t support slaving to MIDI clock at all, yet many/most will happily send it. MIDI is far more flexible than audio when it comes to timing, so it’s better to make the thing with recorded audio a master and the thing with MIDI a slave.

In did some research into this a while back. Now I just sync everything to Cubase as I couldn’t get what I wanted (to be able to record into Cubase, Pyramid as the master clock, change BPM with Pyramid and have it follow along).

I remember reading somewhere, possibly on the Steinberg forum, that Cubase can’t sync to MIDI clock because of the way it works.


Yeah I see, Ableton does sync from MIDI clock so am using that but Ableton sucks at MPE so I can’t really use my Seaboard through it easily. :frowning:

Hi Guys,

I have Cubase pro 10 and i am using that as the Master clock which works perfectly with Squarp pyramid, i am having other issues in Cubase with Squarp but i will post that in a seperate thread.