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I wonder if this is possible:
I want pyramid to generate an audio signal with clock and start info, feed it into a free track of my multitrack audio recorder (Tascam model 16) during audio recording. Then when I want to overdub a synth on the multitracker, the sync/start audio track would be fed into the pyramid so that everything in my rig is in sync with the recording.
Anyone has experience with this?

Sounds like you’re talking about old-school “striping the tape” with a MIDI-to-FSK converter. You might keep an eye out for an Anatek Pocket Sync or similar device. Here’s a link to a review / description of the Pocket Sync:

Anatek was in business from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s IIRC. Their devices still show up from time to time on various auction or used gear sites. I picked up a Pocket Sync a few years ago for $10. I haven’t tried using it with the Pyramid, but have used it with other sequencers in the way you describe. It’s kind of a pain, and I wouldn’t call the timing “tight” exactly, but it does work.

I got my hands on a Philip Rees TS1. It has many options for the time code.
SMPTE/MTC: 24frames, 25 frames, 30 frames-de, 30 frames.
SPP/SRT: fast or slow chase.
I have some positive results by using SPP/SRT fast chase. However I experience some drops on the recorded sync track. On top of that, pyramide recieves midi start whenever I press record on the Tascam, and when I switch the TS1 from standby to record, while I have recorded a midi start by using the pyramid.
Anyone knows the time codes used/accepted by pyramid?
I know this sounds like old school stuf, but Tascam model12 already records midi sync and start/stop info, and there is a revival on tape sync units at the moment. DAWless rigs pop-up quickly all over the world and pyramid fits perfectly in.
PS I am sure the pyramid has all hardware needed to generate such a sync track for multitrackers. Am I right?

it supports midi clock, din sync and cv clock

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Yes but is any of these audio signal compatible, thus recordable by a multitracker? MIDI clock is not. I have no experience with recording CV or din sync signals as audio. Anyone?

try CV clock - though you might want to attenuate it a little.
(though the 5v from pyramid is not that hot)

cv is just a blip, the fact that your mutlitrack is AC coupled should not matter too much.
though when you play it back, you may need to gain it a bit … but you may get away with it.

however, bare in mind the Pyramid is NOT stepping based on a clock trig, and dividing it down.
rather it is tempo based - so it uses the clock signal to estimate a tempo.
so micro jitters in the tape with basically mean the tempo averages these out - not play back at exactly the speed it was recorded.

if you search this forum, you’ll see other posts about ‘tempo’ sequencers vs ‘step’ sequencers.

also bare in mind the clocks are just really about tempo timing, if you want to ‘sync’ something , you also need to record a run/stop type signal (again this is available via cv)
however, there is a small issue here, the only option appears to be DYN SYNC+START.
the issue is this goes HIGH for start, and should remain HIGH for during RUN,
but as you multracker is ac coupled, this will be pulled LOW after the a very short while.
which I suspect will cause issues on replay.
so whilst clock works, Im not sure sync will

however, frankly, this kind of stuff is all about experimentation - try it and see, and depends a bit on your gear - its dead easy to test, so just a matter of giving it a go.

at the end of the day, the pyramid does not support any kind of time-coding … so I guess its worth a go
personally, I dont think any of this will get you increased accuracy (in fact I suspect it’ll be worst).

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I got my hands on a Philip Rees TS1 MIDI tape sync unit. The SPP/SRT fast chase mode finaly worked fine. I had to use Standby instead of Record! I just read it in the tinny manual, after been tortured by a 120BPM output for some days, no matter what BPM I recorded. Start and stop also work just fine. I only have to reconfigure my pyramid MIDI in for the first recording pass. Very steady sync.

I am really glad I now don’t have to swap my model16 for the model12, The latest does have a visionary MIDI implementation, but is fully digital and has 4 inputs and 3 subgroups less.

During the past years my ears have been more and more sensitive and appreciate the analogue sound of some synthesizers, I have a Moog Sub37 and a DrumBrute in my rig and wish to keep as much of their flare as long as possible in the recording chain. I experience so much more artistic freedom by using the Pyramid instead of Ableton when working out an idea. With this set I hope to catch more of the analogue flames into my recordings.

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