Sustain pedal with keystep

with 1.61 upgrade i tried my keystep with the sustain pedal connected, and apply sustain feature is ‘on’. I can’t get use of the pedal.

What i did was,
on the midi settings
set input mode to : cc64
apply sustain on

and add midi out effect and set the port to usb host (where the keystep is connected)

where do i do wrong?

thanks in advance

I think what you want to do is play with the keystep, and use the sustain pedal, right ?

In which case, I would recommend the following:

  1. don’t set input mode to : cc64
  2. don’t use a MIDI OUT effect

Setting input mode to cc64 prevents that CC from being used as sustain, and is used as “MOD” instead.
Using a MIDI OUT effect simply outputs midi to your keystep, which I’m guessing is not your plan ? Surely, you’d rather use that output to go to a synth, via either MIDI of CV ?

thanks for your reply,
yes i want to use it with my synth via midi or cv and i would like my sustain pedal to hold the notes when the pedal is pressed and be able to record this.

my keystep is connected as a usb host

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