Sustain getting chopped off


New to pyramid and sequencing. Using Live Mode, playing a few chords that have a lot of sustain on the preset on my novation peak, but the sustain is getting chopped off when recording on the pyramid. I have loop mode enabled. Hold is not available to record in Live mode, so not sure how I accomplish this. Is it just changing the note length once I have recorded the notes?


I have this same issue. Not sure what is causing it. Basically just pressing and holding a pad in Live mode, and the synth will just sound one small blip (like a very short note), while if I press a key on the synth itself, it’ll sustain for much longer.

Any idea what could be causing this? Hmm, come to think of it, didn’t have this problem when just sending MIDI through a MIDI cable. This happens on the two synths connected via Ableton Live and the USB connection.