Sunshine Jones - HOME (produced, performed with the Pyramid)

I figured it might be ok to post this here.

My new album HOME is an 11 track, vinyl only LP out now on The Urgency Of Change.
With the exception of the opening track on side one (I used the Stilson Hammer MK II,) the entire LP was written and performed live to tape using the Pyramid.

It’s also proudly featured in the gatefold diagram of my live setup, and in the credits for each song.

You can listen to previews here:

There’s also a 42 minute film of the 2016 LIVE GOUND TOUR, which was planned as a 3 month tour, but ended up lasting for more than 18 months. It’s free to watch, and you might enjoy it.

Pyramid has completely galvanized my emerging world view that it’s way past time to put the phone down, close the laptop and return to physical devices, human beings, and actually listening to the music. It’s had a profound effect on me, and I am eternally grateful to Jean, and everyone at Squarp.

I hope this helps you in your own adventures.


Great artwork !
Will listen when I get home. I am similarly enamored with the Pyramid. Gets the music flowing.
One knob per function :wink: and the very rare ‘Left handed Octatrack’ complies with this ?

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Yeah I like this. Running with the headhunters and Morning Bandanas are favourites.
Solid grooves :raised_hands:

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It’s on my ‘to-do’ list of stuff to listen to, I’m curious about it!

Thanks to your youtube movie I discovered the Pyramid and eventually bought one last year. I’m sure it inspired others to do so as well! Squarp should thank you! :wink:

At this time, I’m still more using it as a live MIDI looper (record and loop instant ideas on the fly) or as a MIDI FX generator, so not (yet) to build complete songs with it, but you never know what’s next…

Good luck with your fresh album and with the live gigs!


What model of tape recorder do you use?

Love the album and the documentary…both are really really good! And your live shows… whew!! You are incredible!! Just an absolute pleasure to watch you perform. Absolutely inspirational to say the least!

If y’all haven’t seen Sunshine live I highly recommend it. And yes, you inspired me to start playing live again… thank you :pray: :heart::heart:

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I liked the movie a lot. @Sunshine can you do a workshop in Europe? That would be awesome :slight_smile:


I use an open reel TEAC. I serviced it just before the recording began, and bought all new tapes for the process.

I’d really love to do a ground tour of Europe. I think it’s overdue. It’s harder to organize than in North America.
But I promise that when this happens, and I believe it will, I will absolutely offer the PLAY LIVE! Seminar and help to get everyone together.

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Anywhere else I can download ( buy ) the album ?

Great movie " HOME " sunshine Jones ! Watched it just now .

Cheers from Hong Kong

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The album is not for sale digitally. For now it’s vinyl only.