Studio one sync to Pyramid to record separate midi tracks from hardware and vst

Hi guys, a friend bought me a pyramid, so I’m very happy with that as I’ve seen is an incredible machine and I want to modify my workflow around it. So my question is how to connect all the stuff to jam with the pyramid, run all hardware like DT, acces virus, moog mother 32, vst stuff and record everything into the studio one as separated midi tracks. Is it possible somehow???

How would be the routing to achieve this???

Thanks a lot for your time guys!

There are a couple of ways to easily do this:

    This is the way to do it without buying anything, assuming you have all the cables you need, and your synths have thru/out ports.

Here you just connect the output of the Pyramid’s Midi A output to the input of the first device, and connect thru to the next device.

You can use ports A and/or B and then you need to be sure each device has its own midi channel per port (example A1, A2, A3, B1, B2) and when you want to access these instruments you need to be sure you’ve set the track you want to record on to the correct midi port and channel (A1, B4, etc.)


This can be helpful when you have a complex setup where access to the back of the gear isn’t easy, or handy. It’s also useful to a lot of other reasons (isolating clocks, midi channels, etc.)

Here you connect the output of the Pyramid’s A or B output to the Midi Thru Box, an then can send cables out individually to each of your pieces of gear.

You can also chain within this setup, and since you have two midi ports you can establish two thru boxes, and begin to access a serious amount of gear.

You will still need to set individual channels per port, as above, in order to access and playback your instruments, but this way you can isolate each device, and create sub chains and get into a more complex setup with less limitation or potential hassle (For example, I like my drum machines at the end of each chain, or on their own entirely. This poses less of a clock threat to my over all setup.)

I use both. But most of the time I use my midi thru box because it isolates the clocks and channels nicely for my purposes.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks for the graphic mate, very useful for sure. But where’s the daw here? I supose I have to connect the pyra to the computer through the usb cable right? What about syncronicity? Do I have to insert an usamo for example? I mean daw to usamo to pyramid to midi interface to all hardware? I don’t know if i made myself clear with record everything into daw live, while jammin’…is this happen this way?

Thanks again Sunshine

I don’t use a computer for musical purposes. Dumped that years ago.
For use with a computer, I believe it’s the same idea. However, you would be using the Pyramid as a sub sequencer which is then clocked and controlled by your software.

So you would need to connect an output from your computer to the input of the Pyramid, and then treat the computer like an elaborate midi controller.

I’m sure there are many more wonderful ways to do this, but I don’t use a computer for music in any capacity (aside from dragging the Pyramid OS updates to the SD card) So I don’t know those methods. Maybe someone else can help?

None of you guys here are syncing pyramid with a daw?

Does anyone use Pyramid with software like SO1 and if so how did they sort out stable MIDI clock and audio latency to record all what pyramid does to the daw???

If you search the forum, I’m pretty sure the topic has been brought up several times, especially Ableton sync.

I imagine you won’t find too many people using daws here - certainly some, but the appeal of the Pyramid is to get away from the daw. Early on, I tried to get Ableton to sync, simply for recording purposes, and it was a nightmare full of audio hiccups and glitches.

I’ve since moved to an ipad recording setup using AUM and it’s been fairly smooth sailing.

Apologies if this isn’t much help. I imagine it’s possible to sync with SO, I’ve never used that software, but if it’s like most daws, just mess with the settings until you get results. If sync isn’t tight enough, consider hardware clock syncing options. And as far as routing for recording midi, simply put each on their own channel and hit record in the daw. That part should be fairly straightforward.