Struggling to create full song

I like the Pyramid, a lot, but I find it hard to put the tracks together into a full song. Adding notes in step is so fragmented. There is no “flow”, for me anyway. Euclid mode is very cool, but then I just have a track with a cool pattern, and no song. How do you compose a full song with Pyramid? Are there any good video examples of this? Thanks!

If you have tracks, you can create a song from them in SEQ mode:

I know about SEQ mode. It works great. I was just curious how others put together a full song - the process they use.

Pyramid its very mental. unfortunally , way too much.
I didn’t get full the SEQ mode too. but I starting to getit more and more.

I am studying the instruments lets say and for now not doing really music . lso struggling with my synth so…
but I gonna gve some thought ogf mine.

I start already setting the song from the first time I open the project. that is the most important I do in order of method.

I take tracks and trying working REALLY ONE TRACK PER TIME. when you have two tracks I try to make them sync very good to each other. when I start to add variantions and then making long bars lenght of them so I can add more variations later. normally I work with the maximum extend that I can see on the scree. 16 bars per track… this normally but I mix also very short tracks. when you are satisfied with all the tracks you have got and its all enough for you , you pass to next sequence and restart. I yes, I start from sequence indeed.

I wnt to add.
with in the limit of 32 sequences its unfortunally necessary to build some work around.
Now my attempt is yes, to estend the bars to an avarage of 16 bars per track, but I would suggest to extend to a 64 bars if there would be a Bar tracker ( see my topic : “find your steps” ). but for now isn’t like that at all and nobody knows if or when it will happen…
By the way to have variation during all those potential long sequences is convenient just to zoom out from the track and by muting entire pages getting really more extentions of varieties. you can still make long sequences but then you will need for sure a bar tracker to find your steps. which you had improvisation with, and modify them.
I guess we can mute entire pages of a track in a sequence and mute others of the same track in an other sequence but of this I am not sure … so I gonna try and tell you !

so, more or less this is the way I a m going.