Stretch sample to match tempo?

Hi all! If I want to sample drum loops (e.g. amen break) for a given song with a fixed tempo, how do I make sure that the loop matches the tempo of the song…?

(Of course Rample lets me adjust the sample length, but I think this does not stretch/shrink the sample?)

In the case of a fixed tempo, I would do this offline, in a DAW on the computer, before preparing the samples and putting them on the Rample.

What have you tried?

Hi @MDTF ,

Pitch stretches/shrinks the sample.

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@harold. Indeed, matching the tempo in a DAW is the best solution, just not very practical for a jam session :wink:

@Thibault_Squarp. Thanks, adjusting the pitch works! It’s not too easy to get a good match, but I guess I’ll just have to work on my DJ skills.

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