Strange behaviour sending a midi note but hermod records a different one

Sorry but i didn’t find a similar topic. I’m sending C3 notes from Ableton to hermod, and Hermod is storing C5 notes ( and the same for the rest of the notes, it’s like hermod is adding 2 octaves to any incoming note from Hermod ) :

I’m sending this a C3 midi not to hermod from ableton to midi channel 2 that’s my hermod track 1:
Captura de pantalla 2022-05-02 a las 17.19.17
The midi clip with C3 notes:

My midi monitor says is a C3:
Captura de pantalla 2022-05-02 a las 17.19.07

But Hermod is storing a C5:

Could some one help me?
It could be something regarding the midi root note? I don’t really want to mess too much with that because have TONES of projects stored already on hermod…


That would have been my guess too, that the root note might be 2 octaves off…
here’s a quick’n dirty solution: Just add a “pitch” midi effect in Ableton that pitches it down by 24 steps :slight_smile:
And if that potentially messes up whatever is going on in that Ableton track,
try making a dedicated Hermod Midi Send track that receives its Data from your Ableton track and sends it to Hermod and apply the midi Pitch Effect here. That leaves the other Track unchanged.

Thanks! I’ll do that on the meanwhile…

MIDI note number to note name/octave notation is not standardized.
As such, multiple ways exist, and ours and Ableton’s don’t match, but the MIDI note is the same.

Ableton :

  • 0…127 → C-2…G8


  • 0…127 → C0…G10

tl;dr: They’re the same MIDI note, different way of computing the octave number.

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Thanks! But one question: Based on this answer, what i get is that the trick mentioned by @nemoy of applying a -24st midi effect on ableton wouldnt work, right?

Correct, it would not work, and would pitch all notes down 2 octaves.
But you might not notice it if you’re using manually tuned VCOs.

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