Store sysex patches for hardware synths

Hey all!

I am considering going for a semi-DAWless setup with the pyramid as my main - central hub.
I understand that there is no way to store sound patches in syses format for the various hardware that will be connected to the pyramid.
At the moment i rely in this kind of workflow within my DAW. I record in sysex format the relevant patch for each synth. when i open the project, the DAW sends the relevant patches to my machines and all sound are automatically recalled.
My question is: would it be possible to expect such a feature in a future update to the pyramid OS?
I guess this is also directed mainly towards the people at Squarp.
Thanks in advance for any answer!

You can use program change at track level, if cc recorded > > mind the step length not to be very short (only my experience). Use mute unmute to recall during performance

Thanks OxOnFord.
I understand this, but it is not what i am looking for…
i need to constantly keep track of what patches i have used so as not to overwrite them in each of my synths…
thanks anyway!

Greetings fotofono -
Excellent question.

The Pyramid cannot store/send SysEx.
Im not speaking from a place of knowledge or experience, but I’m under the impression it would not be a feature in the future without enough hardware/software redesign as to make a wholly new model & data format.

However, this would be an awesome feature. You can make feature requests via the Contact form at

As much as i think this isnt feasible with the current hardware, I’d love the ability to send/store: i use an event processor to push SysEx triggered by more mundane MIDI Events (specific Note On/Offs).

I use several tracks directed to one midi out, every midi track renamed according to the patch I need and I just double tap so unmute which one I need while mute the one I don’t.
Useful for vocoders and arpeggios. Mute/unmute works at step level if you like. …and can be applied in seq mode

  1. way is to record as PrCh step

What type of event processor are you using for pushing SysEx messages? That is an interesting workaround!

I use a BomeBox with MIDI Translator Pro. Im DAWless, but i create MTPro scripts on the computer and upload to the Box. Once the script is in the Box, there is no need for a computer.

Im not sure if the MIDI Hub can handle it, but thats another super awesome event processor. MIDI Solutions Event Processors might be able to do it but caveat: mixed info on pulling power from the MIDI connection. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks for the idea.
So what you essentially do is use specific notes to trigger SysEx messages.
What i don’t understand is where these messages are stored.
Are they stored inside the Bome box?

So one note triggers a SysEx patch request from a hardware synth and another note a SysEx patch dump for example.

Could something like this be doable with Bome box?

Thanks a lot!

From what you describe, i believe you should be able to do this with a BomeBox and MIDITranslator Pro.

The trick is in MTPro. It’s not only a system to translate MIDI Events 1 for 1, but also storing variables, logic, etc.

It requires a computer to create the translators and upload them to the BomeBox.

It’s an incredibly deep rabbit hole. You can get quite…um…complex.

Any MIDI Event can be translated to a different channel or port or type of message or value, etc. Plus you can use logical arguments to enact more complex changes.

Thanks a lot I’ll study the documentation first and see where it goes from there!

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