Still MIDI IN problems with Moog Grandmother


I have still the strange problem, that Pyramid doesn’t understand the MIDI data of Moog Grandmother. With Arturia Keystep it works.
If I connect the Moog Grandmother to other devices such as o-coast or Roland SH 01-A I can use the Grandmother as a MIDI keyboard without problems.
So … Why doesn’t work this with Pyramid?

I posted a thread about the same thing 17 days ago but there was no answer.

Please help me!

I want to use the Moog Grandmother to play liveloops in the pyramid.
I tested it with the Arturia Keystep and it worked fine with every MIDIchannel … there is allways a input signal on the Pyramid.
But with the same settings on the Pyramid there is no MIDI signal with the Grandmother as the MIDI Keyboard. First I thought the Grandmother doesn’t give out some MIDI. But I pluged the MIDI Out to a o-coast synth and there was MIDI. I could play the notes the same way as with the Keystep.

Does someone have a idea why the MIDI out signal of the Grandmother isn’t accepted on the Pyramid but on other synth devices?
Or better … what I have to do that the Grandmother could be the MIDI keyboard input of the Pyramid?


I have this same problems! sucks! i had to use a computer to route midi from the grandmother to the pyramid, not sure why!


I have a solution for you! I had this precise problem with a Waldorf KB37 and then had it again when I got my Grandmother.

The MIDI chip in the Pyramid has some issues with certain other chips and they won’t communicate.

Jean @ Squarp told me:

“Indeed, it’s seems it’s an electric incompatibility between these two devices. It’s the first time I heard of this issue with a Waldorf product.”

As a solution, you can use a MIDI THRU box, for example the MIDI SOLUTION QUADRA THRU.

I’m using the MIDISolutions Merger and it works great with both the KB37 and the Grandmother:


Hello Mattzog
Thank you very much for this tip.
I tested it with a MIDI SOLUTION QUADRA THRU and it really works!
I will wait on the answer of squarp. It would be a much better solution if it is possible to solve the bug in a Os update. But if it is really a electronic incompatibility … I have to bite in the wormy apple to buy another device to run the grandma as a MIDI Keyboard in front of the Pyramid.


You are a legend Mattzog!!! It works for me too. @cricri i have so many problems with grandmother and midi, i dont know where to begin!


… Yes the Grandmother is a bit tricky with MIDI. But now it works very well here. If you have some concrete questions about the Grandmother and MIDI, maybe I can help you in some cases.


Glad I could help. Cheers!