Still MIDI IN problems with Moog Grandmother

I have still the strange problem, that Pyramid doesn’t understand the MIDI data of Moog Grandmother. With Arturia Keystep it works.
If I connect the Moog Grandmother to other devices such as o-coast or Roland SH 01-A I can use the Grandmother as a MIDI keyboard without problems.
So … Why doesn’t work this with Pyramid?

I posted a thread about the same thing 17 days ago but there was no answer.

Please help me!

I want to use the Moog Grandmother to play liveloops in the pyramid.
I tested it with the Arturia Keystep and it worked fine with every MIDIchannel … there is allways a input signal on the Pyramid.
But with the same settings on the Pyramid there is no MIDI signal with the Grandmother as the MIDI Keyboard. First I thought the Grandmother doesn’t give out some MIDI. But I pluged the MIDI Out to a o-coast synth and there was MIDI. I could play the notes the same way as with the Keystep.

Does someone have a idea why the MIDI out signal of the Grandmother isn’t accepted on the Pyramid but on other synth devices?
Or better … what I have to do that the Grandmother could be the MIDI keyboard input of the Pyramid?

I have this same problems! sucks! i had to use a computer to route midi from the grandmother to the pyramid, not sure why!

I have a solution for you! I had this precise problem with a Waldorf KB37 and then had it again when I got my Grandmother.

The MIDI chip in the Pyramid has some issues with certain other chips and they won’t communicate.

Jean @ Squarp told me:

“Indeed, it’s seems it’s an electric incompatibility between these two devices. It’s the first time I heard of this issue with a Waldorf product.”

As a solution, you can use a MIDI THRU box, for example the MIDI SOLUTION QUADRA THRU.

I’m using the MIDISolutions Merger and it works great with both the KB37 and the Grandmother:

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Hello Mattzog
Thank you very much for this tip.
I tested it with a MIDI SOLUTION QUADRA THRU and it really works!
I will wait on the answer of squarp. It would be a much better solution if it is possible to solve the bug in a Os update. But if it is really a electronic incompatibility … I have to bite in the wormy apple to buy another device to run the grandma as a MIDI Keyboard in front of the Pyramid.

You are a legend Mattzog!!! It works for me too. @cricri i have so many problems with grandmother and midi, i dont know where to begin!

… Yes the Grandmother is a bit tricky with MIDI. But now it works very well here. If you have some concrete questions about the Grandmother and MIDI, maybe I can help you in some cases.

Glad I could help. Cheers!

@cricri I’m having the same issue with my Moog Matriarch.
Did you hear back from squarp? I’m hoping not to have to buy more gear.

There is no solution other than gear, at least on the V2 Pyramid. I believe the electronic incompatibility is baked into the archeitecture of the two devices tho. Get the box mentioned above (MIDI SOLUTION QUADRA THRU) and you’ll be good to go.