Stereoping Synth Controller for Alesis Micron

A defintion file for the Stereoping Synth Controller for Alesis Micron. The Controller translates incoming CC to to the corresponding NRPN mesages.

NAME:Micron Ctrl
11:FM Type
12:FM Amnt
13:V Ringmod
14:V Osc3
15:Osc1 Oct
16:Osc1 Wave
17:Osc1 Shape
18:Osc1 Detune
19:Osc1 F1/F2
20:Osc1 Lvl
21:Osc2 Oct
22:Osc2 Wave
23:Osc2 Shape
24:Osc2 Transpose
25:Osc2 F1/F2
26:Osc2 Lvl
27:Pgm Lvl
28:Drive Lvl
29:FX Dry/Wet
30:Lvl F1 > F2
31:F1 Type
32:F1 Cutoff
33:F1 Resonance
34:F1 Env Amnt
35:F1 Keytrack
36:F1 Lvl
37:F2 Type
38:F2 Cutoff
39:F2 Resonance
40:F2 Env Amnt
41:F2 Keytrack
42:F2 Lvl
44:Analog Drift
47:LFO1 Rate
48:Env1 A
49:Env1 D
50:Env1 S
51:Env1 R
52:Env1 Velocity
53:LFO2 Rate
54:Env2 A
55:Env2 D
56:Env2 S
57:Env2 R
58:Env2 Velocity

Awesome thanks! Just finished building the controller so this will come in handy.