Steps to load a MIDI file. My tips


Hi all. I’ve been interested in loading midi files, either self-generated or downloaded, and have
struggled to do so with complete success. Here are the steps I’ve taken to get workable results.

Linux reports the files I’m using are “Standard MIDI data (format 0) using 1 track at 1/96.”

  1. Save a blank pyramid project (Named ONE in this example)
  2. Remove the SD card from pyramid, and copy the MIDI file to the project folder, in this case called “PYRA_ONE.”
  3. Name the MIDI file in the following way: track04.mid
  4. Reinsert the SD in pyramid, and load the track by pressing 2nd and the save/load button.

Sometimes the above simply doesn’t work. I haven’t been able to figure out why. More often, the track is truncated to one bar. To fix that:

  1. Change the length of the track with the MIDI file on it.
  2. Save the track again, same name, then reload.

Any other tips?