STEPMODE: Maximum note length stuck at 127?

Hi all. I have encountered a weird problem.
I have a very long track that is 24 measures long.
I want to place a note that starts on count 1 and lasts all the way until end of measure 32.

To do so, I would assume I select a note and the length I need, in my case it is a note length of 384 steps.
So I dial that in:

So far, so good.
Then I place that note on the first step like so:

This is where it gets weird: the note that should be 384 steps long is too short.
I can verify this by holding down the note, pictured below. It is only 127 steps long.

It should be 384 steps long.

When I then try holding down the step and rotating encoder number 4 I cannot get further than 127.
It seems like some value is clamping at a depth of 8 bits.

Is this a bug @squarpadmin? I’m using the latest PyraOS v3.0.

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Hi @maximee, indeed there is little bug here, it’s reported!

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Thanks, I hope it’s an easy fix. All the best and thanks for your hard work.