Step mode observations and questions

cool, that’s “good” news, in that Im sure a bit of paper in the knob caps will fix the issue.
Im sure they are sliding down to far…

also explains why you’re seeing ‘odd behaviour’ in a number of areas…

hopefully, this will clear up a few issues for you.

Yep, I was able to fix the click issues with a few layers of electrical tape just on the very end of the encoder shafts. Now, time to try those algos.

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Yeah ok I understand why you would want it, I like to prepare my music before hand not sure how interesting that type of editing is for an audience…
So for the sake of simplicity, me personally I wouldn’t need it,
That’s just my opinion, still don’t own a hapax yet to give proper input though

If you do it well, the audience doesn’t even know, since you’re doing it while they’re listening to something else. The simplest thing I might do is copy the currently playing bassline pattern to a new row, edit the new pattern to loop just the first bar, and then duplicate that pattern to a few other tracks. Now, I can super easily switch to the new row and I’ve got a super intense variation on what I had going before. But I can’t do this reliably unless I can edit a pattern that’s not currently playing.

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A couple step mode questions of my own:

  1. When adding a step, can it be possible to edit Velocity/uTime/Math/Roll behavior in a single action (without having to press the step’s button again)?

  2. In the drum step editor, you can mute individual drum sounds/lanes. But when editing a muted lane, newly entered notes play, and the mute acts as a toggle between the muted/unmuted patterns. Is it possible to change this behavior, or at least be able to edit a lane’s muted pattern?

I’m sure I will have some more observations/questions, but these are the major ones for me at the moment.

While holding down the step pad, you can adjust all those settings before releasing the pad.

Interesting- I was having trouble with just that- at least when attempting to adjust velocity upon adding a new step in a single action. I’ll try again later and report back!

I think I see what you’re saying. I don’t think you can modify all those parameters while adding the step. I think you need to add the step and then modify the settings. That said, once the step exists, you can modify multiple settings in one press. Maybe this is a feature that could be requested!

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Hi all! huge hapax fan here. I’m wondering if it’s possible to “trim” a pattern in step mode. Sometimes I have a nice sub-section put together with the loop positions and it would feel cleaner to me to be able to just trim the pattern to be the loop. Is this possible? Do others think this could be a good feature request?


you cannot currently trim …
raise it with squarp see what they think.

for sure, I do sometimes want to trim bits from larger loops…

theoretically, you’d just rotate pattern and reduce its length, but if your in the middle of longer loop rotating can get disorientating…
( it be nice at times, to just select a column, and say “make this 1” (as you do in Live) )

so, what I currently do is , select the region by holding pads and each end.
the copy, and paste to a new pattern.
I do this sometimes , when recording longer loops, and wanting to find tasty bits.
the advance to this, over a trim… is can take multiple bits.

(only thing, thats a bit of pain, is it doesn’t copy automation, which would be useful !)

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The issue is that pressing a pad down doesn’t add a step. Press down initatiates "Selection for multiple steps or box selections. Press/Release sets a step. So you need to set the step, then select it again to adjust the parameters.
To me setting a pad on press so I can adjust parameters is going to be done more often than box selection so I’d rather selection was changed to 2nd+press to start a selection.

Same. It could be nice if this behavior can be defined in the Settings. I so often want to adjust those parameters while adding steps, especially when auditioning velocity & uTime…

In that case, couldn’t you just adjust the parameters first, then add the step?


That is true.

yeah, I found I needed to get used to this…

similarly, I found getting used to the really quick selection model, to grab a selection of notes helped me update notes very quickly … rather than doing things one note at a time.
( I really do enjoy how quick hapax is at note selection… id not want to loose that)

overall, feels like a bit of a different workflow…

so you saying lose box selection? (since it now becomes column selection).
i’d hate that, I use box selection all the time… in fact, more often the column selection…
( I tried to get Squarp to make box selection default… but they prefer column :wink: )

but, indeed, we have kind of run out of shortcuts in this area.

yeah, thats one way…
BUT, I’ll say, generally devs don’t like making options for ‘decisions’ like this, its like having two different UI models that you have to maintain, and is a common source of bugs for the future.
(you add a new feature, forget to test it in the ‘alternate’ options - crash n’ burn)
so whilst users are quick to say … ‘lets make it optional, we all win’ - often devs are reluctant to do this.

disclaimer : this is a ‘general’ observation… not saying thats the case here, Ive no idea what Squarp think in this area.

Being able to trim patterns to the currently selected region would be awesome! Please make that feature request! Also, maybe being able to copy just the region and paste it into a new pattern would be good. Then you can effectively do the trim non-destructively :smiley:


Fair point! I’m just discovering this is possible.

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see my post above , you can already do this.

That makes sense. But I was hoping I could paste it as a new pattern in the pattern mode screen, because if I paste it into a new pattern in the step mode screen, that means I first have to select the destination pattern first, which means if both the source and destination pattern are in the same track, the source pattern will stop playing.

Also, is it just me, or does setting a range not work correctly when the start and end points are in different pages, or even at all on pages other than the first? And sometimes, I can’t even set the range end to step 16 on the first page.

Selection is based on the view … cannot be across pages (afaik)
Usually I zoom out in this case , but of course that’s no quite the same.

Indeed as tu have raised before patterns need to be active to edit. ( including pasting)

Though in this case, I don’t find that an issue since I’m in a kind of compositional mode not live performance- ymmv