Step Mode - Monophonic

Not sure if it’s already there, and I am not seeing it, but it would be nice in Step mode to only have one note per step allowed, and if another note is pressed in that step, it overwrites the previous note. So basically, you write a bass line or lead just by the matrix, without turning the knob


Why turn the knob? You could just tap the old note to turn it off and tap the new one. I agree that a monophonic mode would be nicer, though.

Yes I really hope for a monophonic mode. Also to allow easier programming of slides (overlapping notes).

having programmed my 303 clones in both Hapax/Pyramid and Deluge now, each step mode has some pros/cons. dialing in note length on Hapax can be a little tedious when you want different steps to have different lengths (Deluge you just extend/shorten by pressing pads on the grid). but Deluge can’t view a full 16-step pattern on one grid page if you want to program 32d note lengths, which means having to scroll between two grid pages L/R (Hapax will always display a full 16-note bar on one page without zooming, which is easier to see the pattern steps). i also find that placing two 32d note steps next to each other on Deluge creates an automatic slide/tie where Hapax seems to trigger each note separately. ties/slides with overlapping notes on Hapax also sound better to my ear than Deluge’s but i don’t have any evidence for if or why that might be the case (also still feel Pyramid’s Legato option for quantization creates the best slides out of all three that i’ve tried)

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