Step Mode - Current Page Loop Function?

Is there a way to quickly loop the currently displayed notes within on selected page in step mode?

Often I want to edit a single note in a 64 steps long sequence. So I jump to the page where the note is editable and change it. Now I have to wait 63 steps until this note is being played again. This takes a lot of time and I wish I could just loop the notes that are displayd on that page to quickly hear the result. Having finished editing the note, I want to get back to the original lenght instantly. This would also be a cool live feature actually…

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I’ve been shifting the sequence start point by using Encoder Press + Encoder Rotate (1 CW turn shifts the sequence forward by 1 step, 1 CCW turn shifts the sequence back by 1 step).

However, I know this isn’t ideal as it’s often quite hard to visually see where your original start point in the sequence is; especially if you have a note on every step since all the buttons (1-8) remain lit.

Anyway, hope that might help a bit!

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Thanks RNA, actually this could help in some situations. But I agree it is not very comfortable to find the original starting point, especially in 64 steps long sequences.

You can make a marker at the start of your pattern. It can be a shape or something in an octave range youre not using. But would love to see a page loop function.

Try advanced step mode by holding STEP and clicking the encoder. Now you can scrub through the notes using the encoder

That doesnt really help you focus on a single page of a loop when you are trying to get an idea right. They desperately need adjustable loop points ala ableton where you can select a section of a clip, temporarily, and loop it.