Start/stop separate in midi chenal

Hey! I have a need to send start / stop to a separate midi channel. I want to use this with re-303. Is there some way to do this?

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Sadly the pyramid has no features to sequence start/stop messages. Also, i’m fairly sure you can’t embed channel information in a start message:

If you want to be able to do this, you’ll need to program something you can sequence, and convert it to a start message sent on a specific midi port. I do this using the bomebox.


You could maybe hack this with two tracks and choose different lengths (8 bars vs. 32 bars or something) and just have the instrument for the 32 bar track come in @ 16 or something? Not sure if that’d accomplish what you’re looking for - my assumption is start/stop is all or nothing though.

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Wait. Does this mean I couldn’t, for instance, have the Pyramid change to the next pattern on my Tr-06, as my song runs along? I was under the impression this was possible. Maybe I am misunderstanding this question.

Patterns are usually associated with program changes (not start/stop). Program Change messages have channels. I haven’t read the Tr06 manual though, so i guess you have to see if that’s the case.




As a work-around solution, this sounds like a job for automation. Blokas MidiHub offers ways to program events through use of its pipes. One option is to generate Start / Stop upon receiving a CC that you choose sent from Pyramid.

Or perhaps program a track (or more) directly on the Pyramid to play the 303 sounds.

Tr-06 has a bunch of XXXXXXs in the program change column of their midi implementation, so I’m guessing that’s a nope. And I think I’m conflating 2 different things. PC and Start/Stop. Noob here.

If you want to change patterns on the TR-06 via MIDI, this thread on GearSlutz might be of interest

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