Start/Stop Quantized?

my Pyramid is synced to an external clock

sometimes i want to start/stop the pyra in sync … as far i can see there’s no way to do that in the pyra - correct?
I can use my E-RM Multiclock for that … but still it would be nice within the pyra

hmm, interesting, i dont really think this is possible with midi clock.
(if im understanding your intention, which im possibly not)

midi clock has no concept of bar/beat just ticks (much finer grained) and clock start/stop.
(this is the disadvantage of midi clock over a few other more elaborate sync mechanisms)

so the pyramid sends stuff when the transport is running (after a clock start), so in this sense, the answer is get your clock source to not send clock start till you want the pyramid to start…
but i guess this is not what you want? since you might have multiple devices listening to the same clock?

i guess, what you could do is use a muted sequence, then just switch to the ‘live sequence’ (which can be a sync’d switch) - thats probably what i would do.

… one thing, that would be interesting, is if you start having multiple midi slaves off the same clock, and you do this, how in sync the bars actually are, midi clocks can take a short while to stabilise after start/stop, so not sure if this might throw it off.

im interested to hear how the E-RM differs, as perhaps im missing something?

you are right midi lacks such information …
but I thought there could be mode were the Pyramid keeps running and so stays in sync with the other running sequencers - by pressing a certain button-combination all outgoing sequences + midi clock would be muted

there is currently a mute mode available for the pause button - wich does that (except for the outgoing clock) - if this was affecting the outgoing clock + could be quantized to a 1/4 pattern and other lengths it would be perfect

I haven’t had any issues with E-RM Midiclock ( aside that every f… midicapable synth has a different latency)

why not use a sequence? that is quantized.

( and I think generally you would not want to surpress clock output - generally its useful for a synth, eg if your doing clock sync lfo)

you have to go the other way and do it from the master down to the pyramid (as slave). one excellent feature of the midibox v4 sequencer is the ability to reset a downstream sequencer in time while the midibox keeps going. so, say you had the pyramid slaved to a midibox in this instance. you can stop the pyramid, load a new project, and hit the ‘sync’ button on the midibox then on the next bar the midibox will reset/restart that sync signal and the pyramid is in time again.

buying an midi box seq is a bit much just for this purpose

this device would do the same

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agreed. show me where i suggested that? i’m talking about a capability by way of example.

you didn’t - just trying to say that this would be no option for me to solve my issue by buying another sequencer

interesting is for sure how they realized it and if this could be done somehow within the pyramid

does @thetechnobear 's suggestion not work for you? I’m guessing you are taking Pyramid off clock whilst you load a new project and other sequencers are running. Maybe it’s a live set or something?

Anyway, can you not put a blank sequence in the freshly loaded project that’s one beat long. When the new project is loaded press play on the Pyramid and the blank sequence will pick up the clock, bar start and stop times are irrelevant at this point, Pyramid might be running to bar lines, might not - doesn’t matter you’re not triggering anything from it. When you want Pyramid to pick up the downbeat of the next phrase, you switch sequences and (depending on the run mode in the tracks) when the sequence launches all the track start at bar one beat one and you are on bar line grid again.

You’d have to set the sequence launch time to 1 beat so Pyramid doesn’t count say four beats before launching the sequence. And your timing would have to be pretty on point. Might be sailing close to the wind in a live set? But at least your phrases will lock and you will be fully clocked from thereon.

Ugly workaround maybe. But a workaround nonetheless.


i din’t understand what @thetechnobear was trying to say with “why not use a sequence” - and I want to supress the clock output

regarding your suggestion I admit that I don’t understand why the pyramid should be in properly in sync suddenly

what I need is really the feature the midi box seq has … or that audiowerkstatt restarter

If it’s slaved to clock and it detects a clock from another source, does that not override the internal clock and it locks to the incoming clock instead?

I spent many late nights recently wiring up a MIO 10, DAW driven ERM multiclock, Pyramid and various other bits… I’m sure there were moments when Pyramid lost the clock whilst I was tinkering with something but then picked it up again when the clock came back into play.

I might be wrong. They were very late nights.


my E-RM is master … so no dropouts on th E-RM side and I never noticed anything like this with the Pyramid

hrmmmm…that restarter looks nice…