Stability - midi and clock

Hola lovely folks,

I haven’t tested out the midi stability yet. I’m looking to probably clock from my social entropy engine - via midi.

I do remember a while back that it seemed sloppy, on its own bpm. but I haven’t tested it synced yet.

tbh, I loath midi clock. its a pain in the arse most of the time.

my testing with the entropy has been quite good so far - I noticed drift after about 8 mins. I think that’s reasonable, and ill get creative with the pausing and starting again to get more time.

I prefer to clock via my interface - send out pulses - works an absolute charm, super duper tight. But how does the Pyramid handle it on the cv in? is it even possible?

Thanks, and sorry for the winded posted over a simple q.


this is covered in the manual : Settings -> CV/Pedal

CV IN : clock / clock+stop
input sync: set ppqn etc

it works fine for me…

saying that… peoples expectations with sync/clock vary (as your post shows) , so its one of those times you just have to try.

Ive personally, not had any issue with the pyramid drifting using midi clock … so ymmv


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