Squarp Hermod - Stuck on "Entering Bootloader"

Hi everyone,

I’m having difficulty upgrading my Hermod to the latest firmware version.
I received my Hermod recently and it has version 1.6 installed.
I’m trying to upgrade to 1.71.

I’ve taken the following steps:

  1. Taken the micro sd card out of Hermod
  2. Formatted it ms-dos fat on my MacBook pro
  3. Dragged the latest version V1.71 bin file on to the card in the top level/root directory of the card.
  4. Put the micro sd card back into Hermod
  5. Held down the main data encoder and powered on the Hermod.
  6. It just says “Entering Bootloader”, hangs on this screen and does nothing?

Could anyone possibly assist?

Many thanks,

I assume its still booting to 1.6? (just not able to update firmware)
is it able to read/write projects to it (with 1.6 firmware)… if not, that would indicate some kind of sdcard issue, or hardware issue.

generally steps sound ok…
but it sounds like hermod cannot for some reason read the sdcard/firmware file…

a couple of things.
firmware file has to be called hermod.bin (it is this when you download load it, so just checking)

the sdcard is formatted as fat32 , correct?

you could try : SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association
but iirc, Ive formatted the card with my mac before without issue.

other than that , I guess try another sdcard?!

as i say, generally sounds like your doing the right thing… so really not sure what else to try.

if this fail, contact squarp via thier contact form

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i had exactly the same problem. Everything was fine with 1.6, reading & writing new projects. But firmware loading was impossible. It turned out to be the mini SD card (or possibly the miniSD card to SD card reader) that came with the purchase. It all went away after i switched to a new card.

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I’ve spoken to Squarp and they’re very kindly sending me out a new micro SD card to try.

Fingers crossed that resolves the issue.

Thanks again,


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