Squarp crashes , re-boots

My Hermod crashes and re-boots while being in the menu, mostly while pushing the step button.
The problem occurs very often, infact very time I use it . Saving every 5 minutes is the only option in order not to loose to much work. I have send a mail to Squarp hoping they can solve they cab solve the problem.

I have a similar issue @mdy
Have you found a solution ?
Any help would be extremelly appreciated !

That has got to be the most annoying thing possible.

If you dont find any similar issues or possible solutions here, be sure to contact Squarp at squarp.net/contact to fill out a possible bug report.

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Hi @Benguru, I invite you to use the contact form, this definitely sounds like faulty hardware.

Closing this thread, as this issue has been resolved for OP months ago.
Any future visitors, please contact us via the form below: