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Hello all!

I love playing my synths and was able to do some ok songs with the individual sequencers but I was very limited on how I could do my songs. They were ok but they would be very repetitive as I could not really switch tracks on the fly and I would have to bring different synths in at a time. I came across the Squarp Pyramid as a solution and just wanted to verify how I am going to connect everything. Here is my hardware:

Roland JD-Xi
Roland System 8
Roland JX-03
Korg Minilogue

4 port midi thru

My thoughts are to have the pyramid midi out to the midi in on the midi through and each of the outs of the midi thru to each synths midi in. Then I would set channels on each of the synths and then also set the channels on the pyramid as well. I just ordered the pyramid so I don’t have it in front of me…but is my chain of thinking correct? If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it!!

Thank you!


yea, your plan so far sounds good to me. enjoy.

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Nice setup already ! If you are also planning to record your performance on these keyboards, you will need a midi merge box as well, merging all midi outs to the midi in of your Pyramide.

Oh ok! I was planning on putting the Arturia Keystep (my bad for not listing it) in the Midi in of the Pyramid. Wouldn’t I be able to select my track and synth channel and then play that synth with the keystep to record it? If not, then yeah I will get a midi merge box.

Yes that is indeed a good solution I believe :-). In my studio I prefer to play on the instrument which I record, I like to do some live looping as well.

It will be a solution while I learn the Pyramid…which seems like a steep learning curve. That will get me by while I learn and then save up for a midi merge box and more midi cables!!

You’ll need a Kenton 1-5 for start. Cheap, good.
That would be bank A,
an other one for bank B. That’s 10 midi synths, drums. Kenton won’t let you down.
Midisport, subzero kind of cheap stuff will. IMHO

Other option is to combine and use midi thru port as well if there is any

Would I be able to do live looping as well if I use the Keystep to put the notes in from different channels?

Hi @rap4th, the Pyramid is quite flexible and you can set it in different ways.

The “OMNI MODE” option will let you define how you want it to behave to midi input.
with MULTITRACK BANK A option you can have the keyboard input be redirected automatically to the right Track based on the midi channel you use.

You can check the manual for more details: https://squarp.net/pyramid/manual/settings#BIywo0D

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