Squarp be more proactive on the forum

Hi guys,

I get the feeling for reading here and there that for the sake of the hermod that you should be more proactive on the forum and give your users a sense of where you’re at with firmware developmemt. there are some bug fixes, feature and workflow request that are basically essential for this module to get to the next level. I’m a bit worried that the hermod will loose momentum and interest if you don’t communicate, that said all the best, this module has heaps of potential would hate to see it get stale.

If you need some inspiration have a look at the er-301’s forum or check how Marco from Rossum interacts with their customers come on! :slight_smile:


I think its been ok. I mean there is only limited time and id like to think the admins are busy programming out bugs and new features! Generally they are trying to push people towards sending email especially with regards to bug fixes so that issues can be resolved in an orderly fashion.

Support for the Hermod has been good so far an updates less than a month apart but I agree there are a few things that need to be implemented for the Hermod to jump to the next level. Restarting in last saved preset. Clock divide per track… these are pretty bread and butter

One worrying thing is that devs jumped all over the Pyramid beta answering questions and being proactive. My only fear is the Hermod is lower down on the pecking order :frowning:

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If the Squarp team is busy programming, I think we should organize our wishes in the « firmware wishlist » topic. I suggested an open poll, I think the Discourse forum allows us to create one. I don’t know how they deal with the bugs but a public bug tracker would surely help. Especially for them, cause this would avoid duplicates. Yes, it’s good to see frequent updates, they are really needed because they’re only bug fixes for now. It’s just what I’m asking now, before new features. I want the module to do at least what’s it’s supposed to in the first place. But I second the point mentionned by madeinspace, it’s always pleasant to get news from the dev, publicly, so everyone knows things will get better soon. Not like brands like T.E or Elektron :smiley: Now, I’m sure we can expect something good from this company, Hermod will improve, the firmware is still « young ». + Richard Devine has Hermod, many other famous producers have one (some are members of this forum), Squarp won’t let Hermod down without firmware updates :wink: When I bought Hermod, I had the choice between multiple Euro sequencers, the seller ensured that Hermod has lot of potential (technically speaking, space left for improvements), I chose this brand, so… fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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I would be more lenient if the firmware updates were actually addressing bugs, the reason why I’d like to ear from them is as from now this module is so unreliable that I cannot possibly consider it as the brain of my modular setup like they claim quite the contrary, it is riddled with inconsistency, sometimes a functionality work and for some reason just stops! and it’s all over the place from gates output dropping, midi learn stops working, notes hanging, note just stoping playing at random, midi clock outputting the wrong bpm!.. Sorry for the rant but i’m pretty frustrated hope it gets better

Have you been sending them emails with bug reports? I think at present this seems the way you get things fixed. I reported one and it was fixed in the update.

No I haven’t a bit reluctant to do so, prefer to expose the bugs here first and see who else is experiencing them in case it’s a matter of user mistake.

But the more I use this module the more bugs I find I feel like I’m part squarp QA team, a guinae pigs really, a beta tester. :sob:

The least they could do is communicate with their user publicly

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